The conversations you’re not having are killing your team.

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Managers, save your team.

You, as a manager, have a bigger impact on the morale and performance of your team than any other variable.

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Boost morale and performance.

The best way to boost morale and performance is to proactively help your team address the day-to-day. Don’t wait for surveys to tell you what’s wrong.

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Conversations have power.

The right conversation with your employees can be the difference between assuming the wrong thing and having the info you need to help them (and you) succeed.

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SoapBox makes great communication a habit.

This isn’t rocket science, but we know building habits is hard. SoapBox helps you make great communication with your employees a habit.

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Trusted by managers from over 500 companies, including:

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SoapBox takes the regular conversations you’re already having in one-on-ones and team-meetings and transforms them into a dialogue that will boost the morale and performance of your team.