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5 Tips to Engage Employees for Managers

From Gallup to Aon, there is a consistent trend of disengaged employees and Human Resources is struggling to increase productivity by engaging employees. We could recite all the reasons why it is important for your employees to stay engaged but let’s cut to the chase suggest actionable items to improve and change the way your employees engage. Today, we bring you our top five tips that you , the manager, can do to help re-engage employees and maximize the potential of your employees and teams.

1. Be Transparent

Show employees that you are committed to seeing change by being transparent. It’s one thing to say that you will be transparent but employees can see what you do. Back up your claims with actions like setting up newsletters and sending out regular emails about changes in processes important to employees.

2. Listen and Observe

Two of the key reasons why employees disengage is because they feel like their efforts aren’t being noticed and their voices aren’t being heard. Take some time everyday to listen to your employees and hear their pains as well as see their quiet successes. Many employees pride themselves on being humble so they may not proclaim their wins like others so you have to be observant and make note of the ones who are quietly making waves in the company without so much as a hint of a ripple on the surface.

3. Feedback System

Sometimes sitting at the top seems like the best view because you can see everything that goes on but the problem is you end up missing all the small but important details at the ground level. But your employees are there everyday and feeling the effects of efficient and not-so-efficient processes. Your employees are at the front of the line all the time and chances are, they’ve got some great ideas on how to make things even better than they already are. Tap into that source of insight with a feedback system that can keep track of all these valuable ideas so that they don’t get lost or tossed out when you use a regular ol’ suggestion box. After all, ideas are the highest form of engagement.

4. Be Consistent and Take Action

It’s not enough to just have a feedback system, make notes about pains and quiet successes and communicate with your employees. You have to be consistent and take action. Make sure you book in time to look and consider these ideas, pick out the low hanging ones to implement as soon as possible while the ones that may require more effort can be planned and scheduled. Spur on the enthusiasm of the early adopters who actively use the feedback system by letting them know (through email, in person or via newsletter) that their ideas are really changing the organization for the better. Most importantly, keep doing it.

5. Celebrate Successes

Finally last but not least, celebrate the successes. It’s comes as no surprise that celebrating the good stuff that happens will in-turn also encourage more ideas thus spinning the cycle of innovation and engagement round and round. Not only does celebrating success mean another surge of re-engagement, it also shows employees that you appreciate the work that they’re doing and that you’re taking the time and effort to make things even better for them. Plus, who doesn’t want an extra reason for another cup of joe.

Your employees are ready for change. Are you ready to make them?

Harness the power of employee ideas.