Our Mission

SoapBox is building the manager’s sidekick platform for better one-on-ones, team meetings and company-wide discussions. Headquartered in downtown Toronto, the fastest growing tech hub in North America, SoapBox is helping managers at scaling tech companies like Intercom, Foodora, Wayfair and many others to have more meaningful conversations with their team, every single day.

Our values

  • Be a great human Be competent, accountable and humble.
  • Build trust Be trustworthy and selfless, think long-term and act like an owner.
  • Let the best idea win Be positive, use active listening and have empathy.
  • Win win don’t lose Always compete, work hard, be clutch and persevere.

It’s all in our employee handbook!

The SoapBox Story

In 2010, Brennan and Graham started building a feedback system for Ryerson University that they called SoapBox. It wasn’t long before requests started pouring in from other companies that wanted to use SoapBox with their teams. 🙌 Over the next five years, they bootstrapped the company to 12 employees.

That’s when things changed.

SoapBox was helping 50 enterprises give a voice to close to half a million employees. But something was missing. That’s when they decided to rebuild SoapBox from the ground up. And that’s when the vision for the SoapBox we know today was born.

The vision that focuses on serving the people leader. The vision that is committed to making it easier to be a manager. The vision that helped us to raise our first round of financing in 2015 💰. The vision that still guides us to this day.