Mike Arnone

Mike Arnone

Customer Success Manager

Interesting fact about Mike: he used to don the mouse costume at Chuck-E-Cheese. Nowadays, he's all about travel, sports and video games – and keeping our awesome customers happy!

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Lucas Espin

Product Designer

Lucas loves family time almost as much as a binge-worthy show. He's the Bob Ross of the office – oh, and he competed internationally as a b-boy...though that's a story for another day.

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Chris Fraser

Senior Software Engineer

Interesting fact about Chris: his walk-to-work playlist is always Indie Pop on Spotify. Our in-house Seth Cohen also loves cooking, and cheering the Leafs or Blue Jays to victory.

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Jay Gadi

Software Engineer

Widely regarded as the Tom Haverford of the office, Jay has been working since he was nine years old. Other loves? Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

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Jillian Gora

Product Manager

Jill is all about family, friends, yoga and voice-over acting. She's the Monica Geller of the team, and proudly "whistles like a grandpa." You go Jill!

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Supriya Gownivari

Supriya Gownivari

Software Engineer

Supriya is our very own Anne of Green Gables. Why? "She is passionate, loyal, intelligent with a love for beauty and fantasy!" Plus, she loves reading everything from poetry to thrillers.

Chris Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

When he's not training for triathlons (he is the Chris Traeger of the office, after all!) Chris is learning about business, real estate and product.

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Justin Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

The one thing you need to know about Justin? He's not a spy. He's the Dudley Bose of the office (any Commonwealth Saga fans?) and loves reading sci-fi. But he's for sure not a spy.

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Erum Khan

Erum Khan

Senior Staff Engineer

Need help planning a trip? Erum is your go-to. She dreams of starting a travel blog – that is, when she's not reading historical fiction and spending time with family and friends.

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Karine Larouche

Karine Larouche

Software Engineer

Our own Daenerys Targaryen ("Because I really like dragons!" she says), Karine loves boardgames and playing music, and has a very unique talent: she can unicycle backwards.

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Francis Lata

Software Engineer

Our in-house hype man, Francis spends his time learning about all the new things in the world of technology. And when he needs a break from that, he'll bust out the guitar.

Paige Magarrey

Content Marketing Manager

Paige loves ghosts. And miniatures. So haunted dioramas are the way into her heart. She's the Jessica Day of the office, which means she's all about crafts, baking and correcting grammar.

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Shannon Maloney

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Here's everything you need to show about Shannon: she loves yoga, she can pitch a softball at 65 mph, she's a total Amy Santiago and her drink of choice is coffee. Any questions?

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Graham McCarthy

CTO & Co-Founder

Graham is all about football (soccer!) and making the perfect sourdough bread. He's our Dwight Shrute because he's process oriented and is basically assistant regional manager...

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Brennan McEachran

CEO & Co-Founder

We think of Brennan as the Ash Ketchum of the office, mostly because of his standard uniform of baseball cap and runners. Does that make the rest of us his Pokemon? You decide...

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Julian Meanchoff

Julian Meanchoff

WordPress Developer

There's one thing you need to know about Julian: "I love manatees," he says. He also loves baseball, collecting records, reading. But really, just manatees.

Edd Moore

Software Engineer

Edd is obsessed with football ("the REAL one, not hand egg," he says) and is known around the office as "The Walking Meme" because every word out of his mouth is a meme.

Sharon Moorhouse

Customer Success Lead

Sharon loves yoga, running and exploring: case in point, she lived in 5 countries! She's the Phoebe of the office ("A bit weird but not TOO weird," she says 🤣).

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Neil Morrison

Neil Morrison

Software Engineer

The Ron Swanson of the team, Neil hails all the way from Newfoundland and Labrador. He loves playing music, drinking expensive coffee and finding innovative ways to design software.

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Jaskirt Pooni

Software Engineer

Jaskirt might be the Dr. Ján Ĩtor of the office (look it up!) but there's much more to him. He adores pickles, and spends all his waking moments hunting down horror movies he hasn't seen yet.

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Nicholas Sarvi

Software Engineer

Nico has two loves: analyzing music and his hedgehog Cooper. The Troy Barnes of the office, Nico loves SoapBox because we celebrate our successes, but also work on our failures.

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Maren Sigson

Software Engineer

Maren is the Hermione of the office because she's supportive and smart (she even speaks a little Mandarin!). When she's not at work, she's supporting Toronto's musical theatre community.

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Tarun Singh

Software Engineer

Something you might not know about Tarun? Just how big of a sweet tooth he has. When he's not sampling delicious treats, he's exploring Toronto on foot (to find more sweets, of course!)

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Adam Skoczylas

Adam Skoczylas

Software Engineer

Little-known fact about Adam: he used to be a radio DJ! He loves reading and music, and is widely known as the office Godzilla (don't ask...) 🤣

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Adam Walker

Product Manager

The Ari Gold of the office, Adam is all about his dog, hockey and video games. Check out his Twitch channel where he streams himself being bad at video games (exciting, right?!).

Simon Wessels

HR Generalist

Our own in-house Toby Flenderson, Simon is all about exercise, Toronto sports teams and being bad at guitar. He also hates watermelon. (You're right to ask: who hates watermelon?!)

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Dave Wong

Senior Software Engineer

Two important facts about Dave: he's obsessed with his Yorkie, Momochi 😍 and his favourite Pokemon is Snorlax (he's the Snorlax of our office, come to think of it...).

Amna Zletni

Customer Support Manager

When she's not cuddling her puppy, Amna is enjoying the outdoors, eating great food or meditating. As the SpongeBob of the office, she's full of joy and just a little eccentric 😉.

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Customer Suppawt

Boujee is all about cuddling, playing with the other SoapPups and sleeping in SoapBoxers' laps – on repeat! She loves her human Amna a lot (like, a lot!).

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Head of Security

Charlie is the Snowy of the office because he's a 💯 side kick! He spends his time getting belly rubs, chewing apart his toys and sleeping. If he really likes you, you might see him dance!

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Chief Barketing Officer

When Motley's not sleeping all day and getting pets from everyone in the office, she's pretty focused on trying to sneak into her owner Adam's bed and finding the treat jar.

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