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Idea Management at Accenture powered by SoapBox

Accenture is a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company helping clients become high-performance businesses and governments. Accenture is also one of the top 100 firms to work for, according to Fortune magazine with over 257,000 employees in over 120 countries.

Last month, Accenture used SoapBox to capture the collective experience and knowledge from their Toronto-based employees at a community event. During the event, four projects were presented and while the speakers spoke about their project, the employees used SoapBox to suggest ways to improve the project and make it the best that it could be.

Brennan attended the event and here are some of his thoughts.

SoapBox (SB): What was your favourite aspect of the event?

Brennan (Br): It was awesome to see the SoapBox logo on the stage (see picture above). In terms of the entire event it was amazing to see the ideas being generated in real time. You could see all the ideas and votes flooding into the Accenture SoapBox while the speakers were talking about their projects which was pretty incredible. Not only that, out of 600 employees attending the event we were only expecting 100 or so to use SoapBox, but we found that over 300 ended up participating. That’s three time more than we expected.

SB: How did SoapBox change the dynamics of the event?

Br: Community meetings are usually the way for a large collection of employees to be educated on what’s happening in the organization and what projects are being worked on. This time, instead of just hearing about the projects, employees could actively participate and share their knowledge as they came up with ideas about the projects through SoapBox. SoapBox changes the dynamics completely because it is no longer a ‘top-to-bottom’ approach but a ‘bottom-to-top’. Ideas are crowd-sourced from employees with diverse knowledge backgrounds to come up with the best solutions and through their participation, SoapBox allowed the employees to better engage with their organization. Instead of a one-way monologue, it’s a multi-dimensional conversation between employees in different departments, resources, experiences and expertise. In fact, the collection of ideas on SoapBox actually lead to combining two of the projects, allowing Accenture to streamline resources for maximum results.

SB: What was the most important learning that you took from the event?

Br: The most important learning from this event was the importance of mobile. At the conference, we only expected 100 participants because of the dynamics of the space, they would have to be logging in from their phones or tablets, as cracking out a laptop wasn’t going to be feasible. However, over 50% of the employees logged in via their mobile devices. Now we know just how pervasive mobile technology are in organizations. Everyone has a mobile device! We are moving to a “mobile first” development strategy, where new features have to work flawlessly mobile and also work on desktops.

SB: So what’s in store for SoapBox and Accenture in the future?

Br: We are looking forward to working with Accenture in using SoapBox as their ideation platform and help them expand it’s utility globally to encourage collaboration within their organization around the world.

Harness the power of employee ideas.