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SaaS sales is a fast moving, high pressure role- outside of the fact that the sales team is accountable to hit the insane sales numbers. It's no wonder most sales 1:1s in tech are awkward moments where the rep waits to see if they're going to go on a PIP. It's hard to have a solid 1:1 with your rep if they're scared the whole time. Good news, avoid that with this simple high-growth sales 1:1 template!
It's simple: Start with an icebreaker to kick off a conversation. Let the rep pick whatever question they want (poke them to ask it at least 24hr in advance)... It'll get them thinking. Then, shift to learning! Both you and your rep can share a win or fail and what you got out of it. This will help create a moment of recognition, but also a safe place for trust to form. Next, let's look at our high level stats. Do the numbers reflect how we feel? Be curious, inquire, ask questions. This is to coach the rep to be reflective on their own performance... not for you to tell them to work harder. Finally, have the rep pick ONE THING to get better at this week. This is their own reflection based on their own performance. Don't tell them what to do, coach them to the right answer. You want them to be open to feedback on whatever topic THEY deem important. Cap it off with action! Now that they've shared where they want and need help, give them some feedback in that area. Sometimes it's best to share something each of you should start doing, stop doing, and keep doing... by forcing this format you're forcing yourself to share the full extent of your feedback to eachother. Beyond that: You and the rep can add items, question, concerns, etc. as they come up and can batch those questions into the second half of the one-on-one! Finally: End the meeting with a "How helpful was this" We want the reps to answer honestly, but we also want to make sure we're using the hour to the fullest.

⛸ Icebreaker - Let’s pick a question from SoapBox’s suggestions, and discuss! 🤦‍♂️ Learning of the week - both positive and negative, what did we learn about our skills or customers/product/market? 📈 Stats - How’s pipe looking? How do you feel about conversion rates? 🎓 Improve - Based on your reflection, what do you think we should focus on this week to improve? 😬 2-way Candid Feedback - What’s 1 thing each of us should either stop doing, start doing, or keep doing? NEW ITEMS 1 member Schedule this meeting SaaS High Growth Sales One-on-one Meeting

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