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The Best Times to Engage Employees

Engagement plays a key role in the success of an idea program. Through our experience working with clients, we think we have got it nailed down. While these tips work best for idea programs, we think they will also apply to other initiatives or campaigns.

Here are the five best times to engage employees:

1. Right after the Holidays

As employees come back from their vacations and holidays, sending them an email to remind them about a campaign is a great way to keep it top of mind. This includes long weekends too!

2. Right before Industry High Seasons

Every industry has high and low seasons, so take advantage of high seasons to tap into employee insight and engagement. You will likely have staffed more employees that are tackling more challenges than in low season, so you will be able to pinpoint employee pain-points with higher accuracy. Send a mass email right before the season is about to start to re-engage employees and prime them for the upcoming season.

3. Four Weeks after Launching any Innovation Initiative

Approximately four weeks after the launch of the program, the engagement dies down as managers and leaders work to start implementing ideas and have yet to respond to employees. This is a great opportunity to re-engage with the community by sending out a newsletter to update them on ideas that have been responded to and current progress on ideas that are in the works.

4. 8-10:00am, 1pm, and 3-5pm

From our experience, these remain the golden times to engage employees via email. Usually the first thing employees do when they get to work in the morning is check their emails. Leverage that time to send the email at 10am so that even latecomers read your email. The same logic applies for right after lunch. We also find that most employees like to check their emails before leaving work. Send them an email before they leave for maximum engagement and click-through rates.

5. Mondays and Thursdays—Not Wednesdays

We find that Mondays and Thursdays are the best days for engagement. If you are sending emails, try to send them on Mondays and Thursdays to get more engagement. General trends also show that Wednesdays have the lowest engagement, likely due to the mid-week rush.


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