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Indigo uses SoapBox to Drive Engagement [Video]

It takes time, money, resources, and methods for managing great ideas to pull off a successful innovation initiative. Idea programs, when aligned with strategic business objectives, can make a big impact on performance and company success. But how can you assess the return on investment of your idea program? Learn how Indigo drove employee engagement with SoapBox in this video.

Indigo Books and Music has integrated SoapBox into their company-wide communications, facilitating innovation across over 6,000 employees in 240 retail stores and increasing employee engagement. Known for its focus on employee well-being, Indigo is recognized as one of Canada’s top employers. They are taking employee engagement to the next level, while maximizing innovation through idea management.

indigo-video-blog-quote5Through SoapBox, they could harness the power of ideas, while increasing employee involvement and commitment, increasing transparency, and having a forum to celebrate progress.

Increasing Involvement

How does a company reach thousands of employees dispersed in throughout the country? They integrated an easy-to-use forum for employees to access, at their convenience, bringing together employees across staff levels, functional areas, and geographical locations.

As employees became more involved in sharing their ideas through SoapBox, this increased their commitment to company goals.


Once employees had this opportunity to discuss ideas, they became involved quickly, following discussions, placing votes, and adding their input.

Increasing Transparency


Using SoapBox, employees can share their ideas and vote on them, and see the results unfold in real time. The process is transparent, and when an idea is highly valued by the community, it rises to the top for all to see. This approach to managing innovation increases employee trust and engagement.

Celebrating Wins

After just a short time using SoapBox, Indigo reports:


Indigo certainly has something to celebrate! Employees who presented these ideas, voted on them, and helped to bring them into practice have something to celebrate, and they take notice. They are part of that process, from start to finish.

At SoapBox, employees subscribe to threads and are engaged in watching the progress of ideas, from the discussion phase to the completion, ready to celebrate what they helped create through their ideas and innovation!

Want to learn more? View the full video!

Harness the power of employee ideas.