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Innovation Is Not Just about Ideas

We have all seen it: the animation of a character hunkering down as he or she struggles to come up with their next groundbreaking idea, and just when we begin to think that they may never arrive at that solid conclusion, the character’s eyes light up {ding!} and a light bulb hovers above their head.

This “idea bulb” became an instant cliché the moment it hit the screens back in the 1920s, though it is not so much because of the light bulb itself. We instinctively enjoy ideas and want to celebrate innovation, and driving innovation at its core are actively engaged individuals.

People Share Ideas

One of the most captivating instances of idea sharing over the past two centuries has been the soapbox. Speaker’s Corner in London’s Hyde Park has been the ideal location for people to step up and have their say since the public riots broke out on the park’s grounds in 1855. Today, the iconic soapbox remains located in the northeast corner of the park, with several other “copy cat” soapboxes popping up across the globe, from Canada and the United States to Thailand, Singapore, and beyond.

People Evaluate Ideas

Not every idea is feasible or worth exploring. This is where the human element comes in. Unlike a machine or computer, a human mind is needed to perform two complicated tasks:

  1. Human beings can combine statistical data and historical evidence to arrive at a bottom line value. (Although tools like this innovation metrics tracker can help!)
  2. People are able to evaluate the intrinsic engagement value of an idea.

Try as we may, plugging in whatever values we arrive at for either and attempting to leave it to a computer to sort out has always resulted in failure. Idea evaluation will always be a “people” job.

People Implement Ideas

Innovation is ultimately dependent on implementation. Without people to take the time to come up with a steady plan to execute ideas, there would be no implementation or innovation. Just imagine: if there was never a Benjamin Franklin toiling away and constantly cranking out ideas, we may never have had bifocal glasses, the lightning rod, or even swim fins.

People Celebrate Innovation

Innovation improves the quality of our lives, making life not only easier, but better. This is why people have always taken the time to recognize, congratulate, and celebrate great ideas and successful innovation. Innovation is key player when it comes to the successful existence of the human race, after all. It deserves to be rewarded.

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