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Laracon 2014 – All Pros and No Cons

At SoapBox we develop with a very popular and amazing open source framework called Laravel. Laravel has been great for enabling us to rapidly build our product with very high standards, allowing us to greatly increase developer productivity and happiness. As such, we are vested in the success of Laravel. We host a monthly meet up in Toronto in order to help bolster the community and network with local developers.

Last week SoapBox sent me to New York to attend the second annual Laracon, a conference dedicated to everything Laravel. There were several well known speakers from within the community including Jeffrey Way, Shawn McCool and Chris Fidao, as well as a closing talk from the very knowledgeable Cal Evans.


Taylor Otwell Keynote at Laracon 2014

The Keynote talk, by founder and creator of Laravel Taylor Otwell, was really the pièce de résistance. Taylor showed off some of the stuff he’s been working on over the last 6-8 months, including the next iteration of the framework (Laravel 4.2) and a couple of new awesome utilities and services, including Laravel Homestead (a custom, super-simple-to-setup development environment) and Forge (a tool to help launch projects in the cloud). These tools are creating an end-to-end development experience that rivals enterprise counterparts like Microsoft’s .NET framework by making it extremely easy to setup your development environment, build a product, and then launch it into the cloud for the world to use.

It’s great to see the Laravel framework thrive, the community continue to grow, and new tools being developed to make the development experience as smooth as possible. As a SoapBoxer I have great confidence knowing we are building on a solid platform, and life really is great developing along the way.

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