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6 indispensable items to add to your marketing meeting agenda

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Have a productive and timely marketing meeting using this agenda template.

In part one of our agenda template series, we talked about the most important components of a sales meeting agenda. In part two, we’ve consulted our own marketing team and our SoapBox users to find out what makes the best marketing meetings tick ⏱.

Here’s what we found: 6 meeting agenda items that make for the most productive marketing team meetings 👇

1. 3-minute “Who, What, Why” review 

Sounds silly, I know…shouldn’t everyone already know what we do, why we do it and who we do it for?

Yes, yes they should. But it’s not always that easy. Team meetings are a great place to quickly review what exactly it is that you’re marketing, and to tie your team members’ tasks directly back to the business. Your team is the keeper of the keys, the guardians of your brand – and they need to be able to answer who you’re targeting, what you’re providing your market with and why it matters (all at the drop of a hat!).

Add this to the start of every meeting agenda, no matter how repetitive it gets.  Go over your personas, your buyer journeys, your value prop. You’ll be happy you did.

2. Goals and metrics

What’s your team’s objective for the month, quarter and sprint? How are you going to get there (that’s your strategy!), and how are you tracking toward your goals? To make sure this info is clearly shared, spend a minute reviewing the goals and strategy, then dive into metrics. Avoid vanity metrics and get down to where you sit against your targets. Visuals will go a long way with this!

3. Retrospective and planning round table

Have everyone give a three-minute run-down of where he/she/their team is at, including what they worked on last week and what’s on the docket for this week. Use this information to prioritize and identify where you, as a manager, can step in and move things along.

Make sure you discuss firm timelines here. Take note of them in your meeting agenda and make sure those notes are accessible to your team. Have everyone commit to them. This will go a long way in keeping your teams accountable for getting things out the door in a timely manner.

4. Roadblocks and obstacles

What is preventing you from hitting your targets? What’s risky? 🤔

This is a great follow-up to checking in on projects with various stake-holders on the marketing team. It will also help you allocate resources and your own time to support the team.

5. Testing: what are we learning?

As a marketing team, you’re constantly testing your messaging and materials. Carve out time in your team meetings to digest lessons learned, and disseminate that information to the rest of the team. This is your opportunity to knowledge-share…take it!

6. Big wins

Always, always, always end on a positive. Encourage your team to share their wins (even ones that aren’t related to metrics!). Give everyone time to celebrate their colleagues – they’ll leave the meeting feeling focused and energized.

When it comes to marketing team meetings, the focus should be on communicating metrics and learnings, and identifying new ways to collaborate on your goals. These meeting agenda items will help you foster those habits, and come together as a team 👍.


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Our actual SoapBox weekly marketing meeting agenda 👇

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