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The 45-minute team meeting agenda

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If your team meetings always run overtime, try using this 45 minute team meeting agenda template to keep your meetings on track.

Whether you’re a new manager running your first team meeting or a seasoned veteran looking to spice up your existing meetings, here are four team meeting topic ideas to spark meaningful conversations. 

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1. Metrics (10 minutes)  

Starting every team meeting agenda with metrics reinforces how everyone’s individual or team KPIs ladder up to what your overall company objective is.

First, reiterate the objective. It will keep your team focused on the big picture. Then, go through the numbers.

Don’t run through a laundry list of metrics, instead use this as an opportunity to tie your team’s individual KPIs to the overall company objectives. What are the two things you’re trying to achieve as a business? How does everyone else’s work ladder up? Where are we now compared to where we forecasted?

2. Round-table plan for the sprint (20 minutes)

This is where the bulk of team meeting time is spent: what is everyone working on for the next sprint (or week, or however frequent your meetings are).

To avoid this one agenda item sucking the life out of your meetings, ask employees to share this update and their statement of work in advance of your meeting right within your shared meeting agenda. That way, you spend more time in your meetings making decisions and less time sharing context.

3. What are the biggest blockers affecting us from performing to our fullest? (10 minutes)

After getting updates on everyone’s projects, segue into if there are roadblocks – and where they are.

As a manager, this is your time to shine! Remove the roadblocks as best as possible during the meeting, and get a sense of some of the larger issues your team is struggling with.

It could be as simple as “I’m away next week and worried about completing X” or “We need another developer if we’re going to hit X goal.” No matter what, this is a huge opportunity to increase the productivity of your team for the next sprint.

4. Who deserves a shout-out? (5 minutes)

Encourage teammates to shout each other out for great work. Not only is this is a great way to end your team meetings on a positive note, but it helps build your team dynamic and culture.

Take note of these acknowledgments and make sure to call out individuals for superior teamwork in your individual one-on-one meetings as well.

Bonus Questions:

Looking for more to add to your team meeting agenda? Here are a few more tried-and-true winners we recommend:

  • As a team, what’s one thing we should start doing?
  • As a team, what’s one thing we should stop doing?
  • What information could I bring you that would help our team perform better?

If you’re looking for more team meeting topic ideas, we dug into the most used questions in team meetings from our agenda suggestion bot. Take a peek at the top 10 team meeting questions most managers added to their team meeting agendas.

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