How to break the ice in your one-on-one meeting

Sometimes it’s tough to open up in one-on-ones. Whether it’s because you’re nervous to share feedback, think your question is silly, or just have nothing to talk about, the meeting ends up feeling like a waste of time.

That’s why SoapBox users love the random question suggester in SoapBox.

If someone is hesitant to open up for whatever reason, choosing a prompting question will give structure to the conversation and unearth thoughts and issues that might previously have gone undiscussed.



Here are the top 10 one-on-one meeting questions people are choosing from the SoapBox suggester to help get the conversation going👇 

The top 10 SoapBox suggested questions used in one-on-one meetings

  1. What are the biggest time wasters for you each week?
  2. Is there anything we should START doing as a team?
  3. Would you like more or less direction from me on your work?
  4. Do you feel you’re getting enough feedback on your work? If not, where would you like more feedback?
  5. What could I do as a manager to make your work easier?
  6. Is there an aspect of your job you would like more help or coaching?
  7. Do you feel you’re getting enough feedback?
  8. How could we improve the ways our team works together?
  9. On a scale of 1–10, how happy are you at work?
  10. What are you least clear about — in terms of our strategy and goals?

How to use the question suggester in SoapBox

There are plenty more questions beyond the top 10 that are used frequently in one-on-ones. If those agenda items don’t feel right for you, toggle through the question suggester in SoapBox until you find the right one. Here’s how:

  1. Sign into SoapBox
  2. Select a meeting channel from the left-side bar
  3. Click the lightning bolt icon at the bottom of your agenda
  4. Scroll through the options by clicking the “new suggestion” icon (interweaving arrows)
  5. When you find one you like, click the + icon to add it to your agenda


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