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Five Keys to Obtaining Executive Buy-In for Purchasing Technology

As a sales professional, I have worked with countless HR and IT folks that were looking to implement a new technology. They have seen the value, they want the technology, but now they have to go and ask for the money and approval to move forward with it. I’ve seen many succeed and many fail. Here are the five key things I would recommend for anyone preparing to pitch a new technology to a CEO, CFO, etc. in order to gain that much-needed executive buy-in.

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From V3 to V4, SoapBox Is on Its Way to Being Independently Intelligent

SoapBox is an innovation management software that helps clients to better manage innovation — both internally and externally — and improve employee and community engagement. In order to implement all the various functions that SoapBox has to offer — and provide clients with premium user experience— proper backend and algorithm design are essential. This blog post will focus on the backend of SoapBox and talk about some typical algorithms that are currently being used in SoapBox and their roles in the application.

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Accountability in Major Projects is Key

Managing large projects is tough. Some of the hurdles are external (think: shift in customer expectations, new regulations, tight capital markets, etc.). However, many of them are self-imposed by the organization itself. One of the biggest is failing to clearly outline accountability in major projects.

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4 Ways to Engage Employees in Your Idea Program

Innovation is a top priority for many companies (in fact, for nearly two thirds of companies, according to a recent Bain study). Given its importance, leaders naturally desire all employees to be part of the company’s innovation agenda in some shape or form. Through working with our clients to launch their engaged idea programs with our idea software, we have observed that it is not happenstance when an active, participatory employee community emerges. In fact, there are four key elements that need to be in place for employees to direct their time and energy to sharing new ideas or executing innovative initiatives.

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5 Tips to Engage Employees for Managers

From Gallup to Aon, there is a consistent trend of disengaged employees and Human Resources is struggling to increase productivity by engaging employees. We could recite all the reasons why it is important for your employees to stay engaged but let’s cut to the chase suggest actionable items to improve and change the way your employees engage. Today, we bring you our top five tips that you , the manager, can do to help re-engage employees and maximize the potential of your employees and teams.

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