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New Feature: React to Feedback

Providing feedback on employee input is tougher than you might think. Striking the right balance between transparency, clarity and brevity is an art! In the past, it was hard for leaders to know whether their feedback was having the desired impact.

That all changes today.

Introducing, React to Feedback! Now employees can easily let leaders know what they think of their feedback by choosing the emoji face that best describes their reaction. Read more

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Stop Innovating, Start Getting Stuff Done

We believe that organizations are on the cusp of an era of enlightenment when it comes to being innovative. At the core of of this enlightenment is the fact that we should probably stop calling progress innovation. Using the word innovation conjures the wrong associations, which leads to the wrong activities for reliably creating value. We believe that most organizations would significantly benefit from decreasing the focus on finding brilliant ideas and increasing the focus on effective collaboration that drives progress and real value for customers and stakeholders. Here’s the basis on which we believe these things. Read more

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New Feature: Emojis for SoapBox

On SoapBox you get 300 characters for your ideas, but with emojis you’ll feel like you’re getting over a million! It’s true – I’ve even got the math to prove it:

  1. You get 300 characters per idea
  2. An emoji takes up one character
  3. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, and the average english word length is 5.1 characters, then one emoji is equivalent to….

300*1000*5.1 = 1,530,000 characters! Read more

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The Inverted Org Chart: Putting Employees at the Top

The traditional hierarchical view of organizational structure lends itself to a style of leadership where division of labor, chain of command and top-down communication dominates. While an org chart with the CEO/President at the top may still have its place, we believe that the way organizations should increasingly operate is with empowered employees playing a more prominent role in taking ownership of success. Employees should have the clarity and autonomy to decide which work will deliver the best results. They should be enabled to collaborate across hierarchical levels to get the support they need to be successful. And employees should be able to assume leadership as much as the management team. We believe this is a key new paradigm for a more agile and engaged organization. Read more

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To Build a Great Team, Look at the Big Picture

Being part of a high-performing team is an amazing experience. Many incredibly smart people have dissected the best teams to understand what are the key attributes that lead to superlative performances. Yet, despite knowing so much, it’s still frustratingly hard to recreate the magic that just makes some teams click. Why is it so hard to create high-performing teams? Part of the problem lies in the fact that we try to dissect team performance. It helps if you also approach high-performance teams by taking a look at the whole, thinking bigger picture and applying what’s called systems thinking. Read more

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Small Ideas Part 4: The Unsung Hero of Employee Engagement

As we noted in this blog post, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to predict customer behavior. Without a process for soliciting, reviewing, and evaluating customer insights on your product, you’re limiting your organization to sophisticated guesswork. It’s for that reason that we’ve created a system to help understand how customers are responding to SoapBox.

To solicit feedback from our customers, we provide them with access to a customer-only SoapBox. In addition, we leverage our Customer Success team, who have frequent interaction with our customers, to communicate their insights by sharing them on our internal SoapBox.

Read more

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Small Ideas Part 3: The Unsung Hero of Employee Engagement

The product team at SoapBox is made up of the entire company. We all have a hand in shaping the future of SoapBox and the product that we bring to market. From marketing to sales, to customer success, we all leverage the SoapBox platform internally to share ideas and feedback on how to iterate and improve the product. Features and updates are voted on by everyone and the best ideas get built and go into production. We all know the product capabilities inside out and backwards.

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3 Ideas From Successful Leaders to Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

We spent the last five months speaking with startup leaders from across North America to gain insights on what makes successful startups so high-performing and attractive to top talent. We conducted the interviews for our blog, a resource to help leaders at large organizations reevaluate how they assess problems, inspire and motivate their workforce, and become more agile.

More than ever, companies are placing an emphasis on making their workplaces as great as possible to attract and retain top talent. Although perks, benefits, and flexibility are enough for some, the growing number of employees, particularly Millennials, require deeper, more meaningful incentives. Specifically, more and more people are looking for a strong connection to purpose and work that gives them meaning in the form of believing in the company’s mission, connections to coworkers and the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual.

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