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What Innovation Actually Means

When was the last time you saw the word innovation? Ten minutes ago? The fact is, there are many different types of innovation but they’ve all been bucketed into one big category. In other words, many people struggle with what innovation means.

We’re here to help.

We believe that ideas fall on a scale that looks like this: Read more

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10 Ways to Make Your Company the Best Place to Work

With companies like Google and Facebook raising the bar in terms of being “cool” places to work, other organizations are placing more of an emphasis on making their workplace a great one. But to really have a great workplace that employees look forward to coming into every day, you need to go beyond cool offices, perks and unique benefits.

Here are ten of the best practices we recommend.

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Why Your Employees May Not Trust You

If you’re in a leadership position, ask yourself: Do your employees trust you? How confident are you? Several recent studies point to a widening trust gap between employees and leadership. These studies show that as leaders, we may be overconfident in how much trust we’ve earned with our employees. And of course, this is alarming news because trust at work is so closely linked to engagement, collaboration, and ultimately, an organization’s ability to achieve its goals. So let this be a wake-up call to re-examine trust at work for your team and your organization and what it takes to improve trust. There are several factors that underpin building trust, but perhaps most important is transparent communications between leaders and employees. Read more

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Quantifying the Impact of Employee Engagement With the Service Profit Chain

The Service Profit Chain is a theory and business model evolved by a group of researchers from Harvard University in the nineties. The main conclusion is that loyal customers are the result of loyal, engaged employees. Furthermore, leading service organizations are using the model to quantify the impact that loyal, engaged employees have on the bottom line. They’re accomplishing this by looking closely at each step of how their organization creates value for customers.  Read more

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New Feature: Dashboard beta

Thanks to years of experience building successful SoapBox programs – and countless hours of dev magic – our new and improved SoapBox Dashboard is ready for its big debut!

We know which stats impact the success of employee idea programs most, and our new layout puts these numbers front and center. So, you can quickly assess the health of your community and take action where it’s most needed. Read more

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Why Your Paradigm for Collaboration is Wrong

Every company wants its people to work together towards the company’s goals. In an earlier post, we suggested that it’s very difficult to create high performance teams by dissecting attributes of great teams because teams and organizations are complex systems. The solution is to not just try to recreate the characteristics of high performing teams, but also to look at the big picture and leverage something called systems thinking. One of these big picture things is that our concept of working together is part of the problem. We tend to think of collaboration as a horizontal phenomenon. While this is true, it is incomplete. What is missing is the concept of working together vertically throughout the company, which requires a new way of thinking. But before we dive into collaboration, let’s take a step back and talk about teamwork. Read more

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New Feature: React to Feedback

Providing feedback on employee input is tougher than you might think. Striking the right balance between transparency, clarity and brevity is an art! In the past, it was hard for leaders to know whether their feedback was having the desired impact.

That all changes today.

Introducing, React to Feedback! Now employees can easily let leaders know what they think of their feedback by choosing the emoji face that best describes their reaction. Read more

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Stop Innovating, Start Getting Stuff Done

We believe that organizations are on the cusp of an era of enlightenment when it comes to being innovative. At the core of of this enlightenment is the fact that we should probably stop calling progress innovation. Using the word innovation conjures the wrong associations, which leads to the wrong activities for reliably creating value. We believe that most organizations would significantly benefit from decreasing the focus on finding brilliant ideas and increasing the focus on effective collaboration that drives progress and real value for customers and stakeholders. Here’s the basis on which we believe these things. Read more

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New Feature: Emojis for SoapBox

On SoapBox you get 300 characters for your ideas, but with emojis you’ll feel like you’re getting over a million! It’s true – I’ve even got the math to prove it:

  1. You get 300 characters per idea
  2. An emoji takes up one character
  3. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, and the average english word length is 5.1 characters, then one emoji is equivalent to….

300*1000*5.1 = 1,530,000 characters! Read more