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To Build a Great Team, Look at the Big Picture

Being part of a high-performing team is an amazing experience. Many incredibly smart people have dissected the best teams to understand what are the key attributes that lead to superlative performances. Yet, despite knowing so much, it’s still frustratingly hard to recreate the magic that just makes some teams click. Why is it so hard to create high-performing teams? Part of the problem lies in the fact that we try to dissect team performance. It helps if you also approach high-performance teams by taking a look at the whole, thinking bigger picture and applying what’s called systems thinking. Read more

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3 Ideas From Successful Leaders to Make Your Company a Great Place to Work

We spent the last five months speaking with startup leaders from across North America to gain insights on what makes successful startups so high-performing and attractive to top talent. 

More than ever, companies are placing an emphasis on making their workplaces as great as possible to attract and retain top talent. Although perks, benefits, and flexibility are enough for some, the growing number of employees, particularly Millennials, require deeper, more meaningful incentives. Specifically, more and more people are looking for a strong connection to purpose and work that gives them meaning in the form of believing in the company’s mission, connections to co-workers and the opportunity to grow and develop as an individual.

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The Profile of a SoapBox Innovation Partner – Peter Parsan, Dynacare

Dynacare uses SoapBox to connect employee insight to key decision makers. Employees can share, vote, and comment on ideas that will impact the organization’s top priorities, and leaders can add responses to the ideas that are moving forward to keep everyone in the loop on progress. Read more about how Dynacare uses SoapBox in the case study.

Our Customer Success team helps our customers build a program to support the growth of their SoapBox community. One of the most important elements of that program is the Governance structure (read more about the Key Elements here). Each community appoints Innovation Partners, who are leaders responsible for evaluating, responding to and implementing ideas.

In this interview, we’re sharing what goes on behind the scenes for one of our most successful SoapBox Innovation Partners.

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Improving Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing alignment is difficult to achieve, but it’s also one of the best opportunities for improving business results. When marketing and sales teams are aligned, marketing ROI, sales productivity, and top line growth all go up. To get full alignment, it’s not enough to have leaders aligned, you need alignment with as many people on both teams as is feasible. To do this, people need to have an opportunity to provide input, contribute to decision-making and provide feedback. 

Real buy-in involves at least some element of co-creation. It invites discussion, debate, and allows everyone to feel even more vested in the outcome. – From “How To Get Real Buy-In For Your Idea

Here are some of the ways where the opportunity to include more people in the process typically go wrong, why it matters and ultimately what can be done to facilitate deeper collaboration between sales and marketing.

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Sourced vs. Influenced Ideas: Why you should track both

One thing customers realize after launching their SoapBox is that some of the ideas from an employee idea program will align with projects that are already underway. At first, these ideas may not appear to be all that helpful. It’s not an idea that’s going to open up new opportunities or provide a new solution to a challenge. However our customers also eventually realize and point out that there are unexpected benefits to these ideas and that they should also be managed. Read more

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Key Elements of an Employee Feedback Loop

Employee engagement is difficult to measure and even harder to directly connect to bottom line results, but it’s critical to success for all organizations. The traditional way of assessing employee engagement, the employee survey, is dying. This is being replaced with direct feedback as a way to gain insight into what’s helping and hindering your employees’ level of engagement. Josh Bersin of Deloitte wrote a comprehensive post about feedback being the new killer app. The reason feedback is so powerful is that it creates a strong bias towards action.

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Your Guide(s) to Better Employee Ideas

Here are three assets to help you get better employee ideas from your idea management program.

The guides are based on a review of 21 academic studies focused on employee suggestion systems and the employee suggestion box ranging in date from 1995 to 2015 from around the globe. We then summarized the best insights into key lessons and best practices. Read more