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7 productivity apps to give you 10 hours back each week

4 min read

Who says smartphones are a distraction? 🤣 With the right productivity apps, your phone can be a lean, mean time-saving machine – and you can get hours (hours!) back to focus on managing your team.

Try these seven apps to get 10 hours back each week. 


What it does: Project management

Price: Free (paid plan available)

Time saved: 3 hours/week managing tasks and projects

This versatile project management tool makes task and project management easy and helps project managers organize the way their project teams work.

The easy-to-use application comes packed with project management features. Everything is neatly put together for you to store, process and monitor any kind of task and project-related activities. Assign, track and monitor project performance – all through one platform.

Top productivity apps - pocket


What it does: Files links away for later reading

Price: Free (paid plans available)

Time saved: 1 hour/week in derailed productivity

“Oh, you HAVE to read this article!” How many times a day do you (or your team!) get distracted by an article that gets shared around?

With Pocket, you can file those links away with a single click to read (or listen to!) later on your phone, tablet or computer. Plus, its Slackbot lets you file links shared in Slack quickly and easily!

Top productivity apps - soapbox


What it does: Meeting management

Price: Free (paid plans available)

Time saved: 1 hour/week doing team wrangling and meeting prep

For meetings to be effective, they need to have a shared agenda beforehand – and SoapBox for mobile makes this easy.

Set up meetings and share agendas so that everyone can add items (did your life just get 10x easier?!). You’ll get instant notifications when items get added, so you know what’s on your team’s mind.  

Top productivity apps - blinkist


What it does: Summarizes non-fiction books

Price: From $6.67 monthly (or free for one preselected daily read)

Time saved: 2 hours/week reading the latest management titles

You want to read Simon Sinek and Daniel Pink – but who has the time? That’s where Blinkist comes in.

This app distills non-fiction books down to 15 minutes of key insights in text and audio – which means you can read a full book over your lunch hour and still have time to grab a salad.

Top productivity apps - Scanbot


What it does: Digitizes documents

Price: Free (paid in-app features available)

Time saved: 30 minutes/week wrestling with the office scanner

We’ve all hovered over that temperamental machine for what seems like hours, waiting to see if it will actually work this time.

But Scanbot makes scanning documents way easier – just hold your phone over the document and the app will take care of the rest. It also faxes, which is a great backup for those old-school clients 📠.

Top productivity apps - MindMeister


What it does: Creates mind maps

Price: Free (paid plans available)

Time saved: 2 hours/week in misguided brainstorming

This app makes it simple and easy to capture, visualize and share your ideas through online mind mapping.

Particularly valuable to remote teams, MindMeister makes collaboration easy with integrated note-taking, chat, project planning and more.  

Top productivity apps - Cloze


What it does: Consolidates contacts

Price: Free (paid plans available)

Time saved: 30 minutes/week doing data entry

This “smart address book” brings together all your contacts across email, phone, social media and more.

It provides gentle reminders when it’s time to follow up with a client or contact, and even provides an archive of every past meeting, email, call, social interaction, Evernote or other document associated with that person.

That’s it! Try adding these seven apps to your smartphone and free up 10 hours each week!