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[Case Study] Coca-Cola Canada uses SoapBox to tap Employee Ideas

Coca-Cola Canada has successfully launched and implemented their own SoapBox for the soft drink giant’s 6,200 employees spread across the country in sales, manufacturing and warehousing.

Coca-Cola Canada Case StudyWhat made Coke seek out an employee idea platform? An internal survey suggested employees thought their feedback and ideas could be better received. The traditional one-way methods of communicating with employees, such as newsletters and town halls, just weren’t doing enough to make them feel their voices were being heard.

To fix this, the company adopted SoapBox and got their workforce ideating and engaged — and made sure those ideas were aligned with key priorities.

In this case study, you’ll:

  • Learn how Coke implemented their SoapBox and why
  • Read specific employee ideas that improved Coke’s business
  • Discover how Coke is better meeting its strategic priorities through employee ideas

So check out SoapBox’s Coca-Cola Canada case study!


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