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Communications Plan for Your Idea Program

Communications is a key element of your idea program. So when launching any idea management program, you will want to put together a communications plan to help you stay organized while building awareness in your community. In this post, we have put together a communications timeline recommendation to help you maximize the success of your program

Three Weeks before Launch Date

Assuming that you have already recruited key members of your innovation team, at three weeks you will want to send out a meeting request to your team.

Two Weeks before Launch Date

Meet with your team to show them how your idea software will work.

One Week before Launch Date

Reach out to all of your employees with either a video message from the CEO or a town hall to share why you are launching an idea management program and how employees can submit their ideas. Now is also a great opportunity to work with the communications team to put up posters around the office(s) to provide visual reminders of the program.

Launch Day

On the launch day, the CEO should send out an email to all of the employees reminding them of:

  • The purpose of the program;
  • The types of ideas you are looking for;
  • Which ideas you will respond to; and
  • What you will do with the ideas

At the same time, each department of the organization should have a departmental meeting where the department head will share:

  • How the idea program relates the department goals;
  • The types ideas you are looking for;
  • What ideas you will respond to; and
  • What you will do with the ideas

A Week after the Launch

About five to seven days after launching your idea program, send another email blast to all of the employees to share some of the statistics from early engagement and once again remind the community of the ideas that you are looking for.

Once-a-Month after Launch

You will want to make sure you are creating an open dialogue with the community. Every month send an email blast or host a town hall (or both!) to share some of the top ideas and showcase employees that have been very active in the community. You will also want to update the community on the outcomes of ideas that have completed to celebrate the successes from your program. Use this engagement metrics tracker to help you evaluate the how well your program is doing.

Harness the power of employee ideas.