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Coop Files: The Hitsend Experience – Sales Perspective

So you have heard from one of our all-star web developer co-ops Willie (or as I like to call him, Head Bug Squisher), and by now probably from our lovely marketing maven Jackie as well.  But there’s one more component of the business where a rookie has had a chance to play in the big leagues.  Sales.

My name is Kirk; I’m a University of Waterloo co-op from the Arts and Business program, halfway through my 3rd academic year.  For four months, I was also a HitSender.

My HitSend experience began with my interview with Warren, the CMO.  I admit I was a little intimidated, being interviewed by someone at the CO level who also happened to be an Olympic athlete…  This guy has it figured out, so I had better be at my best to make an impression.

I remember the interview fairly well.  There were two things in particular that stood out when I was learning more about the company.

First, the product:  SoapBox, as I described it then is ‘brilliant in its simplicity’.  The concept of getting ideas from a community, sorting out the best ones, and then getting those that can actually do something about it to see and respond to…  It’s pretty straight forward. That said, it’s incredibly difficult to actually accomplish large-scale.  The work our system does behind the scenes to make that happen truly floored me.  A tip of the hat to our development team for that, those guys are wizards as far as I’m concerned.

Second, one question in particular: “What do you think is the most important aspect of a business/organization?”  I’m not sure if that was the exact wording, but something to that effect.  I also don’t recall what my response was, but what I remember very clearly was Warren’s answer – culture.  Products change, markets change, technology especially changes…  so what can you provide to maintain consistency and a sustainable working environment?  Company culture.

Kirk 1

I reflect upon this because that culture is what made the experience such a great one.  The Digital Media Zone itself is an amazing place – you are surrounded by entrepreneurs and their businesses all breaking new ground in a bunch of industries with innovative ideas and intense passion for what they do.  Our team is no exception – one of the ways I would describe SoapBox is “Innovation, Innovated”.  And the drive all the team members have is truly admirable.  They know, and I know now, that this is the best thing going in our space, and we all badly want it to succeed.  Thanks to that drive, things are really picking up, and I expect they will continue to. Besides, if you are in sales, it doesn’t hurt when your product is the best thing around.

One thing I did that I never thought I would do while working at HitSend?  Pitching for the ex-President of Tunisia.  I bet that’s not on your resume.

In general though, it was amazing to see how much attention SoapBox gets from BIG organizations, and having the opportunity to pitch to them and have a hand in some of those deals is truly exciting.  Some might find it intimidating, but as I mentioned before, it doesn’t hurt when you have an amazing product to get behind.  To this day I have not had anyone disagree that SoapBox is an awesome idea.

I enjoyed every minute here thoroughly, and will miss it dearly.  Everyone on our team was excellent to work with, and even better to hang out with at the lunch table or at the pub (where talks of the future of our world were often held).  I have learned quite a bit from this team that I will be taking with me, and I am very proud to have worked here and to have had a positive impact on the company.


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