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Being a CS leader is hard.

Also awesome. SoapBox helps you have more awesome.

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Better discussions puts you in CS Leader Hero Mode

Customer Success is the centre of our company. CS connects with the most important asset: our customers; and influences how we market, sell and build our product. Having good discussions within the team and across the company puts CS in hero mode. By putting these few plays into action, we hope to help you have the influence you need and get the credit you deserve!

Jess Weisz, COO (and Chief Customer Officer) at SoapBox

Address team burnout head-on

Your CSMs deal with a lot: customer complaints, bugs, too many accounts etc. Discuss what gets in their way so you can clear the path.

CS team discussions = More motivation and better performance

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Sell what you service

Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated with the expectations Sales sets with new customers. But don’t hide behind closed doors bad-mouthing peers. Instead, collectively with Sales come up with the key features and use cases that delight prospects and customers.

CS and Sales discussions = More sales and better customer on-boarding

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Build what customers need

Have direct influence on your product by sharing new feature requests, bug reports or ideas directly with the Product team. AND, get them to respond with their thoughts or plans.

Product and CS discussions = Roadmap and feature releases that reflects customer needs

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