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3 Ways Key Metrics Creates Workplace Accountability

At SoapBox, we believe in showing the numbers. Every sales and marketing team member has their own whiteboard to track their key metrics and display them for everyone to see.

Displaying our metrics does three things for us:

  1. Showing the numbers declares ownership

Every goal has an accompanying key metric, and we are responsible for meeting those goals. Showing the numbers and meeting our goals is a reflection of the quality of our work, not another to-do list item.

  1. Induces friendly workplace competition

Every two weeks we come back to the numbers and compare to see whether we have met our goals. For those of us who are crushing it, we feel accomplished and are ready to up the goals for the following week. If we have not accomplished what we had set out to do, it motivates us to work harder and to make sure we pick up our game the next two weeks.

  1. Keeps us focused on our goals

Sometimes when you are working on new projects, you can become so overwhelmed with the implementation and excitement that you lose focus. Having the key metrics prominently displayed helps us attribute every decision that we make back to our key metrics. We can consider whether other tasks or initiatives will help us to accomplish our goals. It also helps us prioritize our time by deciding which activities will have the biggest impact on making the numbers.

Displaying key metrics can promote workplace accountability and drive productivity. Rather than reflecting on performance annually or only during performance appraisals, why not keep quality of work as a central focus in the workplace by displaying key metrics?

Displaying metrics also allows employees to ask questions, seek advice, and learn from the advice and coaching of colleagues. Instead of hiding weaknesses or mistakes, employees will feel comfortable seeking help to improve. With the support of a team behind them and an emphasis on quality of work, employees will be better empowered to make decisions aligned with contributing towards organizational goals.

High performers will be motivated by the public kudos and praise. They will know that their hard work and the quality of their work are recognized and valued. The friendly competition can strengthen comradery and bring a fun dynamic into the work setting, aligned with organizational goals.

It works for us at SoapBox, and we encourage you to try it out to see how displaying key metrics can impact performance at your company.

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