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High performance teams need amazing managers

...but it’s hard to be amazing, all time time. There’s lots to stay on top of, lots to keep organized. 😩 That’s where we come in. We’ve harvested the habits of the best people managers in the world, and created an app to make it simple and easy to be amazing. 🙌 SoapBox can help you have better one-on-ones, team meetings and much more. Here’s how:

One-on-ones and team meetings


Let’s say you have seven direct reports. That means seven one-on-ones. Seven calendars. Seven agendas. Seven sets of meeting notes. It’s hard to keep track of the people stuff.

With SoapBox, your one-on-ones are perfectly organized in one place. 🙌 Your shared agenda is created like magic. Your meeting notes and decisions are accessible right from the agenda. And your next steps are assigned with a single click. You’re both organized and prepared, every time – so you can focus on the conversation.

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Team meetings

How do you tap into your team’s pulse? You ask them. Team meetings can be a powerful tool for boosting performance, morale and collaboration – when they’re done right.

That’s where SoapBox comes in. Your meetings start with a shared agenda that everyone has contributed to. They end with detailed minutes and assigned next steps that everyone can access. Even your remote workers feel as though they’re in the room with you – all because of our easy-to-use app.

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Meeting agendas

Meeting agendas

Effective meetings start with an agenda – a shared agenda that everyone can see beforehand and add to. But chasing everyone down can be a huge time waster (especially for remote teams!). SoapBox makes the process easy. Recurring items pop up in each agenda, and items that weren't discussed last time automatically move to the next agenda.

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Meeting notes

Meeting notes

It’s hard to keep track of all those meeting notes in a way that’s actually useful later. But SoapBox comments and summaries provide you with a meeting minutes tool that lets you take notes right in the agenda. Archived meeting notes are accessible right from the current agenda, so you can track down a decision (or prep for performance review season!) quickly and easily.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

Assigning action items – and following up on them – is a crucial component of effective meetings. But it can feel pretty overwhelming. Nail those action items with SoapBox’s Next Steps feature. As you move through the agenda, assign action items and deadlines without missing a step. Next Steps will show up in their SoapBox, so they always know what’s on their to-do list.

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Meeting Rating

Meeting Rating

Use Meeting Rating to get quick and easy feedback from your team on how effective your meetings are. Whenever you finish a meeting, Meeting Rating automatically sends out a quick post-meeting survey to all participants. You can choose from one of three questions and responses, so you're collecting the feedback that's useful to your team.

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SoapBox is the employee feedback app that your team will actually want to use. Launch a retrospective, a product kickoff and more, all from one place. They’ll finally feel heard. You’ll feel like an amazing manager. Win-win.


These three words are music to your employee’s ears: Ask Me Anything. 🙌 Answer your team’s most pressing questions, no matter what time zones you’re all in, by setting up an AMA Discussion through SoapBox. Top-voted questions move right to the top, so that you know what they’re really wondering about (and you can answer them once, not a hundred times).

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Continuous feedback

Forget ping pong tables and nap pods. Stop worrying about surveys. Nothing engages a team like continuous feedback. After all, if there’s something your team wants you to stop doing, don’t you want to know right away (and not six months from now when they’re already hunting for a new job?!)

With SoapBox, continuous feedback becomes a simple process – and an integral part of your company culture. Use Discussions as a department- or company-wide forum to harvest suggestions, ideas and questions from larger groups. Even individuals that don’t want to share can vote on others’ insights, so everyone gets an opinion. And you get to hear those opinions now, not later. 👌

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Idea management

You want to hear your team’s ideas – but they never seem to come up at the right time, or get saved in the right place. 🙄

With Discussions, you can keep all your employee ideas and suggestions in one place. Your team can vote and comment on ideas – and you can make decisions way, way faster.

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"I've moved all my 1:1s and team meetings to SoapBox since I started using it, and I LOVE having everything in the one place!"

Niamh McHugh

Associate Manager Customer Support

"As a manager, having my one-on-ones in SoapBox has been the biggest boon to my workflow that I’ve ever experienced."

Michael Archibald

Director of Engineering

"I like that you prompt me and especially employees to add agenda items. I'm getting more agenda items from employees than I did before using SoapBox, and I'm getting items that I wouldn't have expected to get."

Dan Leibu


"The Suggested Questions prompt some good conversations."

Heather Foeh

VP Customer Experience

"We have so many things going on all the time and lots of problems to solve so it’s easy to get distracted. SoapBox has given direction to our meetings."

Mallory Parker

Manager of Customer Delivery