All the goodies to make AMAs easy 🙌

SoapBox Discussions makes it simple to launch and run an AMA.


Once team members post their questions, they (and others) can add comments to give context and insights.

Anonymous voting

Team members can feel safe to vote honestly with anonymous upvoting and downvoting.

Clear deadlines

Want questions in time for your next all-hands meeting? Our ticker at the top of the page keeps timing top-of-mind.

Easy-to-access archives

All previously-launched AMAs will live directly below the current one, so you never lose an idea.

Awesome integrations

Integrate with Slack to send automatic reminders to your team when the AMA is closing!

Talk about what’s important

Spend that valuable all-hands meeting time talking about what really matters. Use your AMA Discussion to fuel your all hands meeting agenda – your team’s top-voted questions will rise to the top!

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Foster a culture of transparency

Want to improve morale and boost a sense of ownership among the team? Create a psychologically safe culture where your team feels empowered to ask about anything.

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Learn what’s scary to your team

As a manager, you might sometimes feel completely out of the loop, and that leaves you at risk for low productivity, or worse – turnover. Learn their fears and worries now – not in the exit interview.

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How to use SoapBox AMAs

Once you sign up for SoapBox, you’ll enjoy a free 14-day trial of our Pro features (no credit card required!), so you can see what Discussions is all about! Here’s how to use Discussions to launch your AMA:

Soapbox - discussions idea management

Create a Discussion

From your SoapBox, click the blue “Create” button at the bottom right, and select Discussions. Select the AMA Kit – we’ve already filled in a lot of the key details for you!

Soapbox - discussions idea management

Add your details

Give your AMA a name, tweak the description as you like, and choose your start and end dates. Get more tips on writing your details here!

Soapbox - discussions idea management

Select team members to invite

For an AMA, we recommend inviting the whole company, but you can also choose a single team or a few employees – it’s up to you! You can always add people later, too.

SoapBox Discussions AMA

Harvest the questions

Once you launch your AMA, you’ll see the questions roll in! keep an eye on which ones get voted to the top. Encourage everyone to comment on others ideas and keep the conversation flowing!

Answer, answer answer!

Bring the top questions to your next all-hands meeting, and answer the others right in the AMA using our commenting feature!

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