Get Employee Ideas with SoapBox Discussions

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Launch a SoapBox Discussion to collect employee ideas and feedback

A new way to gather ideas and feedback from employees

With SoapBox Discussions, invite specific employees, teams or entire organizations to contribute ideas and feedback on a given topic. Try using a discussion to gather employee’s questions before an All Hands meeting, or to get employee input on the design of your new website.

Employees can add ideas and vote on the best ideas in a SoapBox Discussion.

Idea management at your fingertips with the tools you love

No matter where you are, or what tools you’re using we make it easy for employees to give their input and ideas. With a web-app, integrations with Slack, MS Teams, and Google you’ll engage more employees through the channels they’re already using (and loving) with SoapBox.

Idea voting tool within the SoapBox app

Prioritize feedback and ideas based on what your teams want

When an employee adds a suggestion, comment, or idea other employees have the opportunity to vote it up or down anonymously. The idea voting tool is baked into the SoapBox Discussions experience and enables you to base your decisions on what matters most to your employees.

Closing feedback loops within SoapBox discussions

Use Discussions to jump start your Employee Idea Program

Employee Idea Programs are often cumbersome and difficult to launch. Whether your starting small with a team discussion or launching an enterprise wide idea program, SoapBox provides an easy and intuitive experience. We take admin out of the equation with a simple way to set up a discussion, invite the right people to contribute, give shared context and set deadlines. We've also done this with over half a million employees around the world, so we know a thing or two!

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