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With SoapBox, your online meeting agenda is a shared responsibility for your team, whether you’re all in the same office or scattered across the country. Integrate with Slack or Microsoft Teams to add agenda items and get meeting reminders.

Create your agenda
SoapBox shared meeting agenda

Use suggested questions

The SoapBox Question Suggester Bot will recommend agenda items for your team meetings and one-on-ones. So if you’re struggling to have a difficult conversation, use our bot to help facilitate the discussion. (If you’re nervous, just blame it on the bot! 🤖⬅️)

Get suggestions
SoapBox shared meeting agenda - question suggester

Sort your agenda by priority

Order your agenda based on what’s most important to your meeting. Didn’t get to those items at the bottom? Don’t worry! Any agenda items you don’t check off will automatically move to your next agenda when you finish the meeting.

Prioritize your agenda
SoapBox shared meeting agenda - prioritizing items

"I love how easy it is to add agenda items through Slack! Sounds obvious but it saves me a good amount of time."

Kaitlin Pettersen

Global Director of Customer Support at Intercom

Amazing conversations happen.

Stay focused and productive in the meeting by taking notes, making decisions and assigning next steps, right in the agenda. 👍

Take notes right in the agenda

Every meeting needs minutes! Make comments and summarize decisions, right within the agenda – no need for a separate list or note-taking tool.

Follow along in real time

All notes and comments are shown in real time, so even remote team members are participating in the conversation (no shared screen needed).

Keep private notes hidden

Want to remember their dog’s name, or an upcoming work milestone? The “Private Notes” section of each agenda is your own hidden space to keep notes.

Assign action items

Our Next Steps feature lets you assign action items with a deadline to any team member. When all Next Steps are finished, the agenda item can be checked off.

Track your progress

The progress circle in the top right corner of your agenda will show you how far you’ve gotten. There’s also a progress circle for each agenda item!

“We have so many things going on all the time, and lots of problems to solve, so it’s easy to get distracted. SoapBox has given direction to our meetings.”

Mallory Parker

Manager of Customer Delivery at Cloud Elements

Following up happens
(like magic ✨)

If you want your meetings you matter, you need to follow up. The SoapBox meeting agenda tool makes this final step simple and easy. It even sets up the next recurring meeting automatically, so your next agenda is ready to go!

SoapBox shared meeting agenda - finish meetings

Finish the meeting…

After each meeting, click “Finish meeting” to archive closed items and notes. This will restart the agenda for next time (with any un-checked and recurring agenda items on it). In other words, your next agenda is created automatically – no copy-and-pasting required!

SoapBox shared meeting agenda - past meetings

…and revisit it whenever you like

Forget a decision? Want to review a discussion? All your archived meetings are in the “Past Meetings” tab of your current agenda. Any meeting participant can revisit previous agenda items, comments, decisions and Next Steps at any time.

SoapBox shared meeting agenda - next steps

Keep Next Steps top-of-mind

It’s easy to hold each other accountable with Next Steps integrated into your agendas. You can’t check off agenda items until all their Next Steps are completed, so nothing ever falls through the cracks.

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