Meeting minutes
made easy

With SoapBox, your meeting notes are embedded in your agenda. No pen and paper needed!

Everything in one place

Take meeting minutes right within your agenda, so everything stays organized (and decisions are easy to find!).

Shared notes

No need to email the minutes around – your shared online agenda is a central hub that everyone can access. Plus, it updates in real time! 🎉

Easy-to-access archives

“What did we decide at the team meeting last week?” Just use the archived meeting notes located in the “Past Meetings” tab to review previous meeting minutes!

A template built right in

Never Google “meeting minutes template” again. SoapBox IS your template! Just add a summary to each agenda item as you discuss it – simple as that.

Easy follow-up

Hold your team accountable by assigning action items with a deadline. Action items are shown directly below agenda item summaries, so all your notes are in one place.

"I love how SoapBox updates in real time. If someone is taking notes, others can see that they don’t have to – and everyone is more engaged."

Cassandra Jowett of PathFactory

Cassandra Jowett

Director of Content Marketing at PathFactory

How to take meeting minutes with SoapBox

Getting set up with our free app takes no time. Here’s how it works:

1. Invite your team to the meeting

Sign up though Slack, Microsoft Teams or your Google account, and invite your team members to join your SoapBox.

2. Add items to your shared agenda

Once your employee (or team!) is invited to the meeting, anyone can add an agenda item. (Not sure what to add? Try adding one of our suggested questions!)

3. Comment and take notes

Everyone can comment on agenda items in real time to ask questions and add context before the meeting even starts! During the meeting, use the comment tool to take notes on each agenda item.

4. Summarize what you discuss

Use the summary feature within each agenda item to write down the big decisions you make. You can also assign next steps to team members (complete with deadlines!).

5. Save your meeting

When your meeting is done, click “Finish Meeting” to save and archive your agenda. You can revisit it whenever you like – including all comments, summaries and next steps.

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