Effective meetings need Next Steps

Next Steps makes it simple and easy to follow up after meetings.

Add action items, right in your agenda

Keep all your meeting notes in one place – and make post-meeting follow-up easy (especially with remote teams!). 

SoapBox Next Steps

Make sure nothing falls through the cracks

Agenda items can’t be closed if they have unfinished Next Steps, so you never have to worry about losing track of a crucial action item.

SoapBox Next Steps

Upgrade to Enhanced Next Steps for added accountability!

Get SoapBox Pro to assign Next Steps to specific meeting participants, and add deadlines. Our AI will automatically populate dates and assignees as you add tasks. View your team’s assigned Next Steps on your Today page!

SoapBox Next Steps

How to track Next Steps with SoapBox

Here’s how Next Steps works:

SoapBox next steps

Click “Add Next Steps”

Open an agenda item and click the “Add Next Steps” button at the top of the screen.

SoapBox next steps

Describe your Next Step

Input the action item. If you’re using SoapBox Pro (or on a trial), you’ll be able to add a deadline and assign it to a team member.

SoapBox next steps

Check off items as you go

You can’t close an agenda item until all Next Steps are complete, which means no action items fall through the cracks!

SoapBox next steps

Track your progress

The tracker in the top left corner of each agenda item lets you know how many next steps are still open.

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