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Build shared agendas

Collaboratively create one-on-one meeting agendas with your team. You can both comment on agenda items beforehand, so you're ready to really get into it when you meet.

Team meeting agenda

Add suggested agenda items

Not sure what to add to the agenda? Want to have deeper conversations, but aren't sure where to start? The SoapBox Question Suggester Bot will recommend questions for you to add to the agenda. Shuffle through until you find one you like!

After your team-meeting, you can provide a quick summary of what was discussed so that you'll have an archived record of the conversation

Take notes and summarize meetings

Take notes right in the app as you go through your one-on-one agenda. Once you're finished, summarize and archive the meeting โ€“ it will be listed just below the current agenda, so you always have access to past meeting notes.

Have all your one-on-ones in one place with SoapBox

Get meeting notifications

Stay on top of all your one-on-ones with notifications in the apps you use everyday. Integrate with Slack, Google or Outlook and never be unprepared for a one-on-one meeting again.

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