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Product Shot - get reminders

Start with a great agenda

Get gentle nudges to add agenda items in advance. With a shared agenda, you make better use of the time and you can both come fully prepared for a great one-on-one.

Team meeting agenda

Get great suggestions

SoapBox gives you suggestions for questions you can add to the agenda. Think of it as an ice-breaker to cover new ground.

After your team-meeting, you can provide a quick summary of what was discussed so that you'll have an archived record of the conversation

Clarify with a quick summary

Summarize what you’ve discussed and ask for confirmation on the important stuff.

Have all your one-on-ones in one place with SoapBox

Never miss on the follow-up

Stay on top of all your one-on-one discussions in one place. Trying to keep track of items across various emails and notes is how balls get dropped.

“I just invited another one of my employees to SoapBox for our most recent one-on-one and they told me it was the most organized and productive meeting we’ve ever had!”

- Jeff Gardner, Director of Customer Support and Success at Intercom

Trusted by managers from over 500 companies, including:

Start having better one-on-ones

We believe so strongly that great one-on-ones meetings make work better that we’re committed to keeping this part of the app free, forever.

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