Power your team meetings with SoapBox

We’ll take on the meeting admin so you and your team can focus πŸ” on the conversation.

Collaborative agendas

You and your team are always prepared for team meetings when you both contribute to a shared meeting agenda.

Integrated meeting notes

Meeting minutes are baked into your team meeting agenda so all of your important decisions are documented in one place.

Real-time commenting

Team members can discuss agenda items before the meeting, so you’re focused on decision-making instead of sharing context.

Suggested questions

Not sure what to talk about? Our recommended agenda items will prompt meaningful conversations with your team.

Next Steps tracker

Make meeting follow-up and accountability easy with our action item tracker baked right into your agenda.

Meeting Rating

Find out how your team feels about your meetings and track progress overtime with short surveys after every discussion.

How it works

Set up your agenda

Create a team meeting in Soapbox and sync it to a calendar event in Google Calendar or Outlook. Invite your team members to Soapbox and you’re ready to go!

Collaborate on a shared agenda

You and your team can both contribute to the agenda, add items, summarize key decisions, assign next steps and tick off items as they’re discussed.

Review your meeting

Automatically email meeting notes to all attendees once you finish a meeting. And don’t worry, we’ll store all of your past meeting history so you always have access to what you discussed.

Rinse and Repeat!

Keep having great team meetings!

Ready to level-up your team meetings? πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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