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Team meeting agenda

Build collaborative team meeting agendas

With SoapBox, everyone invited to the team meeting has the opportunity to contribute to the agenda. Teammates will get reminders to add agenda items for upcoming meetings and be notified when another team member adds an item. Instead of sifting through notes from your last meeting and scrambling to pull together your team meeting topics, build agendas together in SoapBox.

Team meeting agenda with comments

Comment and discuss agenda topics before the meeting

Each agenda item is open for collaboration. Team members can comment, ask questions and start discussions before the meeting. Communicating before the meeting helps you create space for quieter team members to share their voice and for everyone to have more productive conversations. The most effective meetings happen when you’re prepared and ready to dive in!

With SoapBox everyone in the meeting gets reminders about the upcoming meeting and to contribute to the agenda

Use Slack, MS Teams and Google to keep up to date on meetings

Sync your Google Calendar with recurring meetings to stay on top of your upcoming meetings. Communicate with the SoapBox Slackbot to add agenda items, see what is coming up or be in the loop of conversations happening. Use the Microsoft Teams App as an easy way to organize team meetings within the team communication tools you’re already using.

After your team-meeting, you can provide a quick summary of what was discussed so that you'll have an archived record of the conversation

Take notes, summarize discussions and archive team meetings

Close feedback loops by summarizing each agenda item as you run through them in your team meeting. Agenda items that aren’t ticked off will automatically roll over to your next team meeting to make sure you never miss out on a great discussion. When you meet again, revisit important meetings from the past and hold teams accountable by looking through your team meeting archives.

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