Team meetings made easy

Want to communicate better with your employees? Want everyone to leave team meetings feeling 💯? You need SoapBox.

Boost accountability

The team meeting agenda should be a shared responsibility, where everyone adds items and context beforehand. SoapBox shared online agendas make it easy for everyone to contribute.

Stay on top of your team

Follow-up is easy when all your agendas, meeting notes and next steps are in one convenient place. You’ll always know what they’re working on – and that they’re thinking about. 🙏

SoapBox team meeting software

Ensure everyone gets heard

Meetings aren’t effective if the louder voices drown out the quieter ones. But with an online agenda shared beforehand, everyone has a chance to add their items – and their input.

SoapBox team meeting software

Teams collaborate better with SoapBox

SoapBox is full of features to help you have more effective team meetings.

Agenda recommendations

Our question suggester bot recommends items to add to the agenda to keep the conversation flowing.

Templated agendas

Skip the copy-and-paste game and set recurring agenda items. That way, your agenda is always set up and ready to go!

Easy commenting

Team members can comment, ask questions and start discussions before the meeting even begins.

Meeting minutes

Meeting notes are baked right into your agenda! Summarize each agenda item as you go to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Past agendas

All your archived meetings are accessible right within your current agenda, so you always have access to past meeting notes.

"I like the fact that the agenda for the weekly meeting is an evolving thing. We add topics during the week as they pop up and sometimes that even allows the other people to give a quick reply right then so there's no need to bring it up at the meeting."

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Need help getting started?

Check out these resources to help you have incredible team meetings! 👉

Effective meeting guide

Our ultimate guide to effective meetings takes you through everything you need to know to get the most out of your team meetings!

Questions to ask

Want to take your team meeting agenda up a notch? Here are the top 10 questions that managers are asking in team meetings.

How to use SoapBox for your
team meetings

Get your first team meeting ready to go in no time! Here’s how to get started:

Create a team meeting

Once you sign up for SoapBox, click the blue “Create” button at the bottom right, and select “Team Meeting”. Follow the steps to set a date and time, invite your team, sync with your calendar and more.

SoapBox shared meeting agenda

Build your agenda

Once your meeting is set up, the team can start adding agenda items! (Remember to round out the agenda with one of our suggested items!) Encourage your team to add insight and context by commenting on items before the meeting.

Summarize the conversation

During the team meeting, summarize each agenda item and add Next Steps to make sure each team member is held accountable for their post-meeting action items. Click “Finish meeting” to close and archive the meeting,. Any open agenda items will automatically move to your next meeting agenda!

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