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How SoapBox makes agendas easy:

Add agenda items as a team

All participants are invited to contribute agenda items to the meeting beforehand.

Use tried-and-true agenda suggestions

Not sure what to add to the agenda? We’ll suggest items to include.

Update the agenda in real time

Check off agenda items as you run the meeting.

Take meeting minutes in a central place

Write notes and summarize decisions right in the agenda.

Access previous agendas at any time

Finished meetings are archived for all participants to view.

Start your next agenda

Any unchecked agenda items move automatically to your next meeting.

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Build agenda templates for all your recurring meetings with SoapBox

No matter what type of meeting you’re planning, SoapBox can help you build an agenda quickly and easily.
Hover or click the boxes for agenda item suggestions!

Team meetings

Everyone can see the agenda ahead of time and comment on items – so that when you’re in the meeting, you’re getting stuff done.

Suggested Items

What was our biggest win last week?

What’s on the top of everyone’s to-do list this week?

What’s our biggest challenge as a team?


When you’re not sure what to talk about, our agenda suggestion bot will recommend questions to add to the agenda.

Suggested Items

How are you doing?

What accomplishment are you most excited about right now?

What are the biggest time-wasters for you each week?

Management meetings

Stop chasing down team members for agenda items. SoapBox automatically invites all participants to add to the agenda.

Suggested Items

Any milestones/announcements to share?

What successes or insights should the group know about?

What is the biggest roadblock facing your team right now?

Business meetings

Avoid wasted time and unprepared participants with a collaborative agenda shared beforehand.

Suggested Items

What do we need to follow up on from our last meeting?

What’s a challenge facing all of us right now?

What key metrics need to be reviewed?

Project management meetings

Nothing will slip through the cracks with a SoapBox agenda. Items that aren’t ticked off automatically move to the next meeting.

Suggested Items

Review timelines

Are there any roadblocks/issues to address?

What’s our next key milestone?

Board meetings

Forget that email trail. Keep all your items to address, meeting minutes and key decisions in one convenient place.

Suggested Items

Review of CFO/CEO’s reports and financial statements

What items need approval today?

Announcements and reminders

General meetings

A lot of people, a lot to cover. Keep your meetings on track by summarizing decisions and ticking off agenda items as you go.

Suggested Items

Review of previous meeting’s minutes

Review of financial statements

Election of committee members

Sales meetings

Keep team objectives top-of-mind for your whole team by sharing the agenda ahead of time and encouraging them to comment on key items.

Suggested Items

Successes and wins to share

Pipeline update

What new competitors should we be aware of?

Marketing meetings

Want to remember that insight from two months ago? All past agendas and meeting notes can be accessed right from the meeting page.

Suggested Items

Review key metrics

What key insights did we learn this week?

Are there upcoming events or product updates?

Make any meeting better when you build your agenda in SoapBox.

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Simpler than Google Docs. Easier than Excel. Prettier than PowerPoint…need we go on?

Don’t get us wrong. We love Excel. We use Google Docs all the time. We’re pro-PDF. But why are you using them to make a meeting agenda? SoapBox does one thing: meeting agendas. So our tool is full of goodies to help you do that quickly and easily.

A central hub everyone can access

Stop emailing a PDF around and hoping they bring it with them to the meeting. With SoapBox, everyone can access the agenda online at any time.

Suggested agenda items

When you’re not sure what to add to the agenda, we’ll make some recommendations. Our customers especially love this for their one-on-ones.

Real-time updates and comments

All participants can comment on agenda items, so you can get added insights before and during the meeting.

A summary tool to nail those next steps

Meetings are a waste if you leave with no clear decisions made. In SoapBox, each agenda item can be summarized with next steps to keep the team focused.

Access to previous meeting notes

Your past meeting agendas, comments, meeting notes and summaries are archived right below your current agenda.

Integrations with Slack, MS Teams and Google

Keep using the tools your team knows and loves. SoapBox integrates seamlessly with Slack, MS Teams and Google to bring our functionality into your existing process.

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