How to Have
Effective Meetings

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1. Plan the meeting

Get your meeting on the right track before it even begins with a little prep work. It doesn't have to take over your to-do list – 10 minutes of preparation can go a long way.

2. Lead the meeting

Make the most of your time together with ground rules, great facilitation and note taking.

3. Take action on what you talk about

A meeting is only as good as the outcomes you achieve. Take the time to do something with what you talked about.

The top 10 reasons your meetings are tanking (and how to fix them)

Even if you're following our three-step plan for having effective meetings, there are a few common meeting mistakes that may be hindering your productivity. See how many your team is guilty of (and how to get back on track, pronto).

The value of effective meetings

We spend almost 50% of our time in meetings. Done wrong, that time is a real productivity killer. But done right, that together time is crucial to high-performing teams.

Meetings are your time to tackle complex problems and brainstorm amazing ideas on how to achieve your goals. If you’re clear on your plan, a productive meeting is a valuable forum for people to ask questions and share issues. From there, you can resolve problems and get everyone on the same page.

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There is a lot that goes into meeting management. That's why we created SoapBox, an app that makes preparing, leading and acting on your meetings easy by taking care of all the administrative stuff.

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