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“It’s Going to Be a Big Couple of Months for Us…”

These are the words I say — well — every couple of months. And I mean it.

I understand that to my wife, friends, and family, it must sound like the same old story. But to me it’s true. Let me explain:

When you are part of a fast-growing company, especially in the early days, every couple of months are huge. They have to be.

Some startups only last a couple of months.

Thought experiment: think about the classic hockey stick graph, representing accelerating growth in users or revenues, etc. Picture it in your mind.

You see it from the side view, right?

Now imagine being on that curve. Imagine driving a little car on that curve. You are looking through the windshield in first-person.

At first, you are going up a fairly steady and predictable incline, very subtle, maybe gaining small amounts of elevation, but for the most part it is not that different from driving on flat ground.

Then something happens — you sign a few deals, and the road starts getting steeper. Investors are interested; the road gets even steeper. You start hiring great people, and again, the road gets just a little bit steeper.

You then start to realize two things:

  1. Every couple months SHOULD be bigger, harder, and more exciting than the previous couple months.
  2. You are gaining elevation.

To me, this kind of perspective is important because it reminds me that you should be stretching to make your goals — you should feel a little uncomfortable. If not, you’re probably not on the part of the curve you want to be on.

So what part of the curve are we on?

Well, it’s going to be a big couple of months…

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