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SoapBox Streamlines Employee Engagement with Blu Ivy Group

We are proud to announce that SoapBox has finalized a partnership with Blu Ivy Group, a leading Canadian employer brand & employee engagement strategy firm.

Warren Tanner, CMO of SoapBox says,

“Helping organizations develop and strengthen culture is at the core of what we do. Blu Ivy [Group] has a deep understanding of the factors that effect corporate culture and experience helping organizations improve culture in a lasting and authentic way.  We believe partnering with Blu Ivy will give our clients the best of both worlds – the strategy which provides the path forward, as well as the technology which is the means to get there.”

Leandra Harris, co-founder of Blu Ivy Group states,

“this partnership brings an exciting offering for employers across North America, as it provides a platform to work on key engagement and employer brand criteria, in an internal social media platform. “

Harris continues to explain,

“for Blu Ivy Group, this partnership means that once employers have established an employer brand platform, and engagement target criteria with us, they now have a tool that will enable employees and management to continuously drive, improve, measure and communicate cultural improvements, essentially making employer brand and engagement an authentic part of the culture. “

About Blu Ivy Group

Blu Ivy Group is a Canadian- based employer branding consultancy, providing research, strategy and communications solutions for all aspects of the corporate employer brand.   Blu Ivy Group’s mission is to create award winning cultures and authentic employer brands that generate greater profit and marketshare for employers.

About SoapBox

SoapBox Innovations Inc. is a Toronto based technology company that makes an innovation management platform that helps organizations create and maintain a high-performance culture by streamlining and facilitating innovation.  SoapBox drives employee engagement by celebrating the incremental progress of ideas as they move forward towards completion.

Harness the power of employee ideas.