SoapBox is a powerful tool that is designed to be easy to use. Ease of use translates to strong adoption with employees, which is critical to the success of an employee idea program.

Add an Idea

Receive ideas that are aligned to your key business objectives.

Image Showing the add idea dialog

From Anywhere

Your employees can add ideas from any web browser, or on the fly with the mobile app. Adding an idea is simple and easy to do.

Image showing mobile app

Vote and Comment

Ideas are shared so colleagues can vote and comment on each other's ideas.

Image highliting the voting and commenting interface

Evaluate Ideas

Ideas with a minimum number of votes get flagged​ for evaluation.

Image showing ease of responding to employees

Communicate Progress

After assigning the idea to the right person in the organization, they can provide updates to how the idea is progressing.

Image showing responses to the community

Provide Reporting

Leaders can monitor the health of your idea program with dashboards and reports.

Image showing reporting ability

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Read About Success

To help you get the most out of the SoapBox software, we include Customer Success Services with each deployment. Customer Success helps you work through five key elements of a successful employee idea program. These are:

Set Goals and Objectives

Align the questions you ask within SoapBox to your program objectives, which in turn need to align to your business objectives.

Set Goals and Objectives Image

Configure Your SoapBox

Customize SoapBox to look and sound like your company and make sure it works with the way your employees work.

Easy Branding within SoapBox

Communication Plan

Use SoapBox templates and best practices to build a robust and sustained communication plan to the entire organization.

Image showing communication documents

Governance Plan

Set up the business rules and evaluation process to ensure the program can scale effectively.

Setup engagement thresholds

Leadership Support

Keep leadership engaged with rich dashboards that presents the data of your program in an easy to understand way and that aligns to business objectives.

Rich Dashboard Diagram

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Learn more about workflows,
customization, and other features

Product Guide