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How to Increase Engagement on Yammer

At SoapBox, when selling to large enterprise clients, at some point IT needs to be brought in to the conversation.

Our approach with SoapBox has always been to “go where the traffic already is,” to seamlessly integrate with the existing habits and tools of our users.

In the last few years, one of those places is the social enterprise platform Yammer.

Yammer is a platform with a very broad feature set, and lots of great ways to boost the productivity of an organization by increasing collaboration and transparency. That is, once people are using it.

The problem (as we hear it) is that sometimes clients have a hard time getting the ball rolling.

The conversation often goes something like this: “We launched Yammer six months ago, but so far, adoption has not been where we want it to be…”

The feedback we hear is that until employees adopt the platform, they don’t understand why they would use it. It’s the catch-22 of rolling out any new tool or platform — getting people to change their behaviour is hard. People need a compelling reason to change. If people lack a clear use case of how a new tool will help them in their day-to-day lives, they will be hesitant to try at all. And when the potential use cases are many (which naturally happens when you have a broad feature set as Yammer does) then people can just as easily choose none.

With SoapBox, our focus is much narrower: to be the best platform for employees to share, engage with, and follow new ideas, and for organizations to manage those new ideas towards execution.

With that in mind, we are proud to integrate within the Yammer platform — as a way to both take advantage of the many vibrant Yammer communities already in existence, but also as a way to help get them off the ground.

SoapBox helps drive engagement on Yammer by pushing content from SoapBox onto the Yammer newsfeed related to new ideas within the company.

By far the most powerful content comes in the form of Official Responses — these are the status updates within SoapBox from leaders that update the community on the current stage of the process an idea is in.

Another way is the SoapBox Ideas Widget. Inspired by many of the “latest tweets” widgets seen on websites today, our Ideas Widget profiles select ideas from your SoapBox community that are displayed one at a time and dynamically rotate through, giving your employees more visibility to the latest ideas and giving them something to collaborate on.

One thing is for certain — with the increasingly hectic rate of change in today’s market, the modern enterprise will continue to need to leverage tools like Yammer, SoapBox, and some that aren’t even invented yet.

However, making sure those tools appeal to the humans using them will always be a challenge — and is not going away any time soon.

Harness the power of employee ideas.