You’ve been trying to improve employee engagement. But sometimes, doesn’t it feel a bit like the tail trying to wag the dog? Surveys and pulse surveys give you insights, but getting managers invested in needed change is hard work.

SoapBox is different from other employee engagement and employee feedback applications because it puts the tools to drive change in the hands of managers.

One of the keys to the success of SoapBox is the simplicity of the process.


Managers post one or more questions to their team(s). They set the scope for what the discussion should focus on based on what's relevant right now. This keeps things highly relevant and actionable.


SoapBox software makes entering and discussing feedback fun and easy. Employees can vote on and discuss items at their desktop or on their mobile. This means people stay engaged and keep contributing.


When the discussion period is over, it’s clear which items are the most important to focus on. Managers can close the loop on those discussion items so everyone stays on the same page with action items and next steps.


SoapBox gives you lots of help to kick start the feedback cycle with employees and make it a habit within teams. From in-app help, to templates to best-practices. You benefit from our know-how on how to do it right.

SoapBox = Employees helping you make tomorrow better than today.

Would you like a demo of how this might look for your team?