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Setting up the SlackBot

  1. Click here to install the SlackBot.
  2. Follow the bot’s prompts to set up your SoapBox and create your first meeting.
That’s it! You’re ready to start using the SlackBot! 🎉

Setting up the SlackBot

Using the SlackBot

  1. Set up a meeting by typing “meet with” and then the @mention of the person you want to meet with.
  2. Add agenda items to the meeting by typing “add to” and then the @mention of the person you’re meeting with. Then, type the agenda item.
  3. To see your meetings, type “show people” – click on a person’s name to see your agenda item and even update the meeting time!

Using the SlackBot

There's so much to ❤️ about the SoapBox SlackBot!

question_answer Turn Slack messages into agenda items

Build agendas naturally by adding items when they pop into your head.

notifications Prompt your team to contribute

The bot prompts managers and employees to add items to the agenda beforehand.

sms_failed See what’s on their mind

Get notified when items get added, so you’re always in the know. 🙌

access_alarm Schedule meetings

Sync meetings with your calendar to keep your schedule up to date.

content_paste Review agendas

See full agendas ahead of time – right in Slack – to prepare for your meetings.

playlist_play Easy walk-throughs

You invite them to a meeting, we’ll show them how to add agenda items.

devices Hop over to the web app

Our web app has more goodies to help you get more out of your meetings.

check_circle Instant confirmation

The SoapBot SlackBot gives you a 👍 when it adds items to the agenda.

new_releases Keep meetings top-of-mind

Meeting reminders get sent out the day before, so your team isn’t caught off-guard.

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Here’s what our customers have to say about us 🙌

"I've moved all my 1:1s and team meetings to SoapBox since I started using it, and I LOVE having everything in the one place!"

Niamh McHugh

Associate Manager Customer Support

"As a manager, having my one-on-ones in SoapBox has been the biggest boon to my workflow that I’ve ever experienced."

Michael Archibald

Director of Engineering

"I like that you prompt me and especially employees to add agenda items. I'm getting more agenda items from employees than I did before using SoapBox, and I'm getting items that I wouldn't have expected to get."

Dan Leibu


"The Suggested Questions prompt some good conversations."

Heather Foeh

VP Customer Experience

"We have so many things going on all the time and lots of problems to solve so it’s easy to get distracted. SoapBox has given direction to our meetings."

Mallory Parker

Manager of Customer Delivery


Need some help? This should get you back on track.

How do I get set up?

You're on the right page! Click that “Add to Slack” button, then follow the prompting messages which will take you to the Slack App where you should have some Direct Messages from @soapboxbot.

Is SoapBox going to spam my team on Slack once I install it?

Nope! SoapBox will only interact with the people you tell it to. To set up a one-on-one, simply say "meet with @person" in a direct message to @soapboxbot and then the bot will reach out to that person. Or, to set up a team meeting, invite @soapboxbot to a team channel in Slack by saying "/invite @soapboxbot".

How much does it cost?

It's free to use! Our one ask is that you give us as much feedback as possible, so we can continue to shape this product into something you want to use every day.

Apparently I can't add bots to my Slack team. What do I do?

Some companies lock down their Slack communities and must manually approve adding an app to it. We've made a page to specifically help you get SoapBox approved – check it out here!

How do I give feedback?

We ❤️ feedback! We want to build a product that fits seamlessly into your daily life, a life where it becomes easier to give and receive feedback than not do anything at all. Help us build that tool for you by emailing us your feedback to

I have more questions! How do I ask them?

We ❤️ questions, too! Email us at and we’ll get back to you ASAP.