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Feature Update: Leaders Can Now Launch Challenges Autonomously

We often hear from leaders and employees that they want to collaborate on issues that impact the projects they’re working on day-to-day. Wouldn’t you? Working with your colleagues to accomplish a timely and relevant goal is satisfying because you can actually see the impact you’re having.

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SoapBox Challenges offer leaders a private forum to facilitate these focused conversations with their teams. And to help our leaders and employees get even more value from their Challenges, we’ve released two exciting updates:

  1.  Any leader can set up a Challenge – we want leaders to be able to start a Challenge whenever inspiration strikes – maybe they want to collaborate with their team to improve a process, or they want input on targets for next quarter. Instead of waiting for their SoapBox Program Manager to set up the Challenge, they now have the ability to do it themselves!
  1. The ability to scope Challenges – now when leaders set up their Challenges they have the option to choose the objective and organizational group the input relates to. This not only helps the leader clarify the purpose of the Challenge, but serves to remind employees what they’re trying to impact each time they add input.
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These updates will help leaders make more meaningful connections with their employees – one Challenge at a time!

Harness the power of employee ideas.