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How to Make Sure Everyone Contributes to Your Idea Program

Measuring the adoption of your idea program is a great way to track the employee engagement levels of the program. But looking at adoption at a macroscopic level can cause us to overlook areas of improvement that can significantly increase adoption across the organization on the whole.

In the SoapBox governance structure, big businesses will likely have two tiers of innovation partners like this diagram below (read more about it in this article).


We recommend having an innovation partner from every functional unity to increase communication and collaboration between departments. At the same time, we recommend having innovation partners from every department that can check the health and engagement of each department.

It is important to have employees contribute from every department to ensure that:

  1. All departments contribute to the culture of innovation.
  2. Employees understand that ideas are expected from every department.
  3. Ideas are impacting every part of the business.

So, how can you ensure that everyone is contributing?

1. Identify Functional Units with Lower Engagement

For each functional unit, determine the % adoption, total ideas, comments, and votes. With this information, you now have a better sense of how engaged each department is and which departments need more work.

2. Look for Ideas That You Can Celebrate

Look for:

  • Ideas that you would like see from the community. Those ideas serve as great role models and inspiration for other employees.
  • Ideas that are about to be implemented or have been completed. These ideas show that leaders are listening to employees and value their ideas.
  • Ideas that impact employees or are submitted by their peers. You want to employees that their peers are participating in the innovation and that ideas directly impact the way they work.

You can use this idea tracker template to help.

We suggest using an email newsletter to celebrate those ideas and reach all of the employees in the department.

3. Push Ideas Forward

Engage leaders by identifying ideas that can be implemented, brainstorming alternative solutions to ideas that have been submitted, and sorting out who else needs to be involved to execute an idea. This is important in keeping the program active and moving forward, showing employees that you are serious about implementing good ideas, while at the same time, ensuring your business can reap the benefits of the ideation.

Harness the power of employee ideas.