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Metrolinx Partners with SoapBox to Streamline Idea Implementation

Metrolinx is an agency of the Government of Ontario that was created to improve the coordination and integration of all modes of transportation in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.

Metrolinx is tapping into the insights from their frontline employees to improve efficiency and customer service while creating a place for positive discussion and interaction.

We asked Helen Ferreira-Walker, Director of Human Resources, and Antoine Balieff, Director of Innovation, how they are using SoapBox and here is what they said:

What are you trying to achieve?

Helen Ferreira-Walker, Chief Human Resources Officer:

“At Metrolinx, we already had an established employee suggestion program in place, which was manually administered. We had many suggestions from employees throughout Metrolinx on how we could increase the visibility of ideas, and also the turnaround time. By partnering with SoapBox on this pilot, our goal is to create a forum for engaging employees, as well as encouraging innovation for continuous improvements for all areas at Metrolinx. Soapbox is a fun, open, and accessible format, where all ideas are visible, and staff can build on ideas, fostering collaboration across divisions. This also supports a quicker turnaround time for ideas. So far, with over 700 employees already signed up, we are excited about the response rate already, and the great ideas already being discussed on Soapbox!”

Why were you interested in a tool like SoapBox?

Antoine Belaieff, Director, Innovation:

“We knew that in organizations with a public service mandate like ours, employees are key to identifying and implementing innovative ideas. We also knew that conventional suggestion box-type programs often fail to sustain interest as they lack transparency and interactivity. A tool like Soapbox helps us tap the collective wisdom of our employees, addressing all the main shortcomings of a manual system.”


Why did you choose SoapBox?

Antoine Belaieff, Director, Innovation:

“Soapbox addressed many the shortcomings of our conventional idea management program by increasing transparency and feedback while at the same time reducing administrative overheads. In our fast moving environment we need to be more nimble and constantly looking for new solutions. Being a successful local start-up, SoapBox was the ideal partner to help us realize these objectives. Ultimately, SoapBox was able to help us tap into the wealth of knowledge, talent and expertise at Metrolinx which in turn will allow us to better fulfill our mission to champion and deliver mobility solutions for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area.”

We are so excited to welcome Metrolinx into the SoapBox family! We look forward to working with Metrolinx to deliver mobility solutions through innovation management strategies.

Harness the power of employee ideas.