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  • Shared online agendas
  • Suggested conversation starters
  • Unlimited 1:1 and team meetings
  • Real-time employee feedback
  • Private meeting notes
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Shared online agendas

Unlimited 1:1 and team meetings

Unlimited meeting notes

Meeting archives

Real-time employee feedback

Access hundreds of conversation starters

Access 50+ agenda templates

Personalized homepage

Calendar integration and sync

Chrome Extension

Limited features available.

Slack Bot

App integrations

Mobile apps

Private meeting scratchpad

Public meeting scratchpad

Next Steps

Custom agenda templates

Meeting insights

Large group discussions (Town Halls, AMAs, etc)

File attachments and cloud link integrations

Item voting

Meeting search

30-day search history

Unlimited search results + search filters

Favorite items and conversation starters

Here’s what our customers have to say about us 🙌

"I've moved all my 1:1s and team meetings to Soapbox since I started using it, and I LOVE having everything in the one place!"


Niamh McHugh

Associate Manager Customer Support

"An easy and helpful tool to manage 1:1s and team meetings, especially during remote working. I like the ML recommendations of how I can improve meetings and topics to cover next time."

Laura Lakhwara

Laura Lakhwara

Associate Director, Customer Success

"I like that you prompt me and especially employees to add agenda items. I'm getting more agenda items from employees than I did before using Soapbox, and I'm getting items that I wouldn't have expected to get."

dan league

Dan Leibu


“Before Soapbox, one-on-ones were a google document with a bulleted list per person. Now we have topics to discuss and the meeting is more productive. They are more mutual in the sense that it’s not just me coming up with the agenda.”

robert fernandes

Robert Fernandes

Engineering Manager

"We have so many things going on all the time and lots of problems to solve so it’s easy to get distracted. Soapbox has given direction to our meetings."

Mallory cloud elements

Mallory Parker

Manager of Customer Delivery