Engage Employees

Tap into employee insights with intuitive software that drives engagement and innovation

Engage Employees

One-step Idea Submission

Easy one-step idea submission through mobile devices or computers.

Voting and Commenting

Vote and comment on ideas. Important ideas bubble up to the top.


Important ideas get answers faster. Create powerful feedback loops with your employees that increase transparency and alignment.


Three screen responsiveness lets you keep track of ideas wherever you are.

Personal Notifications

Stay up to date with the latest news on important ideas with customizable email notifications.

Fewer Duplicate Ideas

Smart algorithms detect similar ideas.

Configurable User Profiles

See your ideas on one, clean and customizable user profile page.


Engage employees with badges, leaderboards, and accomplishments.


Leaderboards help motivate your community by recognizing top contributors.

Activity Feed

The activity feed shows users the latest activity within the community in a familiar, easy to consume format.

Manage and Evaluate

Empower leaders with powerful management tools that simplify, automate and amplify impact

Manage and Evaluate

Smart Thresholds

Set smart thresholds that notify you when an idea is ready for consideration.

Bundle Ideas

Have great ideas that belong together? Merge ideas to create bundles. Big ideas are often made from smaller ones.

Campaigns and Challenges

Focus the conversation with time-bound campaigns. Get the ideas you want faster.

Customizable Idea Workflows

Customize stages of your workflow to fit your innovation process.

Email Templates

Pre-made email templates make communication easier. Add custom content to tailor your message.

Powerful Administrator Tools

Create notes, @mentions, and nudge to collaborate with other administrators.

Moderation Filters

Create custom lists of words, and assign actions to these words like flag, notify, or auto-block. Ideas or comments are then placed in a moderation queue for review.

Manage Groups

Use groups to specify participants in different campaigns.


Choose and organize the categories for ideas in your community.

Dashboard and Analytics

Evaluate the health of your idea management program with customizable dashboards and analytics

Dashboard and Analytics


All the metrics you need in one customizable and easy-to-use dashboard.

Advanced Analytics

Add custom fields and slice data by location, department, or function. You name it, we can track it.


Tap into insight with innovation and engagement reports. Reports can be 1-click auto-generated, or created custom.

Recommendation Engine

Engage users with relevant ideas. Feature specific ideas in the top banner or let the behavior engine choose trending ideas.

Data Export

Export your data to .CSV or .PDF anytime you like to get the numbers you need. We don't hold your data hostage.

Security and Integrations

Stay worry-free with frictionless integrations and world-class security

Security and Integrations

Enterprise Integrations

Enough with passwords. We provide seamless integrations with existing accounts including Sharepoint, Yammer, and SalesForce.

Enterprise Single Sign-On Authentication

Single Sign-On integrations with SAML, LDAP, or Active Directory lower the friction for people to participate.

Enterprise and Social SSO

Sign on with Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Email. Access SoapBox with any social media account.

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