5 Key Elements for Successful Idea Management Programs

Running a successful Employee Idea Program requires more than just the right technology.

A successful innovation program is about building the engaged innovation capacity and capability that enables both employees and leaders to share their voices.

Building engaged innovation capacity and capability for employees means giving them a place to share their ideas and insights. For leaders, building it means giving leaders the tools to implement top ideas while keeping the community informed about the progress on ideas.

We have identified that successful Engaged Innovation programs need to address these five key elements:

Engaged Innovation

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Client Successes

Our Client Success team brings expertise in innovation management, employee engagement, and change management in large enterprises.

We have the privilege of working with many of North America’s most innovative companies, we are uniquely situated to advise our clients of both established and emerging best practices.

Together with our engaged innovation management platform, the Client Success team provides a seamless expertise giving you the right advice at the right time in the right amount at each step of building your Engaged Innovation Program.

Client Success helps you successfully navigate:

  • How to get employees to sign up
  • How to get employees to share valuable ideas
  • How to keep the conversation positive and constructive
  • What do I do with all the ideas once they come in
  • How do I keep people on task to ensure that something actually happens with the ideas
  • How do I keep the executive team engaged and supportive of what we’re doing

How Client Success Works

Our client success team works with you to:

  • Spread excitement and awareness of your program so your community members are active and sharing valuable ideas
  • Establish the processes needed to implement top ideas and keep your community informed on progress
  • Continue to enhance your program and establish it as a part of the way you work
Client Success Overview

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