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SickKids Hospital Taps Into Community Ideas for Long-Term Patient-Care Strategy

The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) is currently establishing their long-term strategic directions and is tapping into the ideas of the community!

SickKids is always striving to ensure that patients and families have the highest quality experience and as they build their long-term strategic plan they want to ensure they continue to meet the changing needs of patients and their families.


Understanding what SickKids can do to make the experience easier and of higher quality is a key step in planning for the future in patient-care. To do this, they are engaging the community for valuable insight into the health care experience of patients, families, partners and broader community.

From July 17 to August 8, SickKids will be looking for your ideas and insight on the SickKids SoapBox on what one change would better support the experience of children and families in the healthcare system?

Lisa Richardson, a SickKids parent, shared her experiences in navigating the health-care system and offered thoughts on how it can be improved. Watch her story!

Feeling inspired? Join the conversation by sharing your ideas and voting on ideas that you like at the SickKids SoapBox between July 17 and August 8. Read more here.

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Harness the power of employee ideas.