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SoapBox Spring ’14 Release

The SoapBox development team has been hard at work turning code into magic by taking the ideas from our customers and from our product roadmap and turning them into reality.

And here is the magic:

Merging Ideas

This past quarter we launched the ability to merge similar ideas together. We have created a very clean interface providing an intuitive way to drag ideas on top of each other merging them into an “idea bundle.” We’ve also added some intelligence to the bundles to account for any merging issues that may arise with on-demand suggestions to improve the merging process. And don’t worry — there is an undo button if you want to un-merge the ideas.

Enhanced Security

Our customers’ security is very important to us at SoapBox. So, we’ve recently added more security measures to ensure the security of SoapBox. SoapBox administrators now have more controls on password complexity, password aging and expiring, login attempt limits and password history.

Sign In via Yammer

SoapBox administrators can enable the ability to sign into SoapBox via Yammer Accounts. We plan to do much more with Yammer in the near future.

SAML Integration

We’ve also built out integration components for SAML identity providers. If your organization uses the SAML protocol for Single Sign-On, SoapBox can be configured so that your employees once logged into their Intranet, can sign into SoapBox seamlessly.

We are very excited about these new features in SoapBox and are already hard at work on the exciting Summer Release of the platform.

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