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SoapBox Summer 2013 Features

We believe customers have the best ideas- which is why the SoapBox product team has been working hard on turning some of our customers’ ideas into new features.  We hope you like them.  Here are some of the highlights:

Some of the features of SoapBox Innovation Software

Responses Page

You may have wondered why the “Ideas” tab at the top of the page was there because it seemed a little lonely all by itself. Well it’s got company…

SoapBox Responses Page

SoapBox has a new ”Responses” page which is a dedicated place for ideas that have official responses. Now you can browse ideas that are in the process of being executed and ones that have already been completed.  This is a handy way for users to keep track of progress on ideas.

Responses Page 3

SharePoint Integration

Looking for a way to smoothly integrate SoapBox into your organization’s SharePoint environment? Check out our new SoapBox SharePoint app for SharePoint 2013.

SoapBox Sharepoint Integration

SoapBox can now be added to clients’ SharePoint site and embedded on SharePoint pages.  SoapBox securely authenticates against your SharePoint user database and lets your employees add, vote and discuss ideas right from their Intranet.

Multiple Attachments

When adding an idea into SoapBox, sometimes text just isn’t enough- which is why SoapBox now supports multiple file attachments for ideas.

SoapBox Multiple Attachments 2
In addition to the 300 characters of text, users can now attach files to support their ideas.  Supported file formats include: pdf, illustrator, images and Word. We also make it easy to attach multiple files at the same time (just use the shift or ctr key) and delete the attachments you didn’t want by hovering over the file icon.

Stay tuned for more updates in our Fall 2013 Features.

Harness the power of employee ideas.