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SoapBox to Support the Innovative Culture of Saint Elizabeth Health Care

Saint Elizabeth Health Care is a national not-for-profit and charitable health care organization known for its innovation and breakthrough clinical practices. It is also the first Canadian health care company to adopt SoapBox, an engaged innovation platform that allows its seven thousand employees — most of whom are mobile workers — to suggest, discuss, and vote on ideas to improve the services they deliver. Soon, Saint Elizabeth will also give its patients and the public access to the service, so they can submit their own ideas about ways to enhance the health care experience.

We asked Shirlee Sharkey, President and CEO of Saint Elizabeth, how they are using SoapBox, and here’s what she said:

What are you trying to achieve?

“At Saint Elizabeth, we see possibility everywhere. With our employee SoapBox, our aim is to harness the passion and imagination of our mostly mobile, national workforce — all seven thousand of them. Through listening to, and acting on their ideas, I know we can find new ways to support our clients and our employees — and ultimately, to spread hope and happiness to families and communities across Canada.”

Why did you choose SoapBox?

“It was a perfect fit with our culture of innovation… We have been looking for ways to leverage the wisdom of our crowd and we knew SoapBox was a great match for us!”

“With more and more care being delivered at home every year, it’s important we hear from our front-line employees, because they have the best ideas for making things better for patients and families. SoapBox allows them to share their ideas with their colleagues, many of whom they never see because of the nature of their work.”

We look forward to supporting Saint Elizabeth’s innovative culture and helping them to find new ways to support and delight their patients.

To read more of Shirlee’s views on innovation, check out her blog.

Harness the power of employee ideas.