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VHA Chooses SoapBox to Spark Employee Ideas

VHA Home HealthCare is a not-for-profit, charitable organization that provides 24/7 health care and support services to people of all ages and cultural backgrounds. VHA is using SoapBox to tap into insights from 2000 staff and service providers across the organization.

We asked Carol Annett, CEO at VHA Home HealthCare, to share with us why they decided to choose SoapBox as their Engaged Innovation Management Platform.

What is VHA trying to achieve?

Our staff and service providers are the experts – they know best what we can do better to make our care to clients truly spectacular and how to improve their work lives. Implementing SoapBox was a way to hear their voices loud and clear and make sure none of their great ideas got lost in day-to-day operations. It was also a public forum for all to see and join in the conversation versus behind closed doors of anonymity. I believe more heads are better than a few when tackling significant challenges. The more folks we could enlist to suggest quality improvement ideas we could implement, the more we could positively impact our clients, families, staff, and partners.

Why were you interested in a tool like SoapBox?

Our organization doesn’t operate within four walls. Our workplace is the community – in the homes of the clients and families we serve. With a remote workforce it is a huge challenge to connect with them in meaningful ways and hear their opinions and ideas to make VHA a better home and community care organization and a better place to work. I was excited to find a tool that was simple to understand and use – and that had the potential to spark great ideas.

Why did you choose SoapBox?

We chose SoapBox essentially for all the reasons noted above. It was simple, fast and intuitive to use – and hands down it beat the old suggestion box at reception and any other suggestion program we had tried in the past! All SoapBox staff I met with were terrific– professional and customer service oriented—and the references checked sold us on the program. I am also optimistic on the ROI potential though it’s too early in our launch to assess and/or predict this just yet.

We’re excited to welcome VHA Home HealthCare to the SoapBox family! We look forward to working with VHA to provide exceptional care.

Harness the power of employee ideas.