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[Case Study] Viceroy Hotels and Resorts Employee Idea Program

Viceroy Hotels and Resorts aims to deliver one-of-a-kind lifestyle experiences that bring together beautiful design and amazing service in some of the world’s most sought-after destinations. With the guest experience being one of the key ways that Viceroy sets itself apart in the hospitality industry, every detail matters. For this reason, Viceroy wanted to empower every employee to provide ideas for how the guest experience could be improved. They also wanted to provide an opportunity for employees to identify opportunities to improve operational processes. To do this, they launched Viceroy Solvers: a program intended to engage employees across their worldwide locations to share best practices and share ideas that would support their key objectives.

Viceroy Employee Idea Program

Viceroy completed a pilot program with SoapBox at three hotel locations to test out the program and develop insights and learnings that would help them scale the program and launch it company-wide. This case study covers some of the key lessons from the pilot and how they’re now incorporating those lessons into their launch plan to all of Viceroy.

Some of the key lessons that Viceroy will incorporate into their company-wide launch are:

1. Aligning the goals of the program to company objectives

For the General Managers of each hotel, making sure that ideas align to the priorities of their hotel is important to make sure they can get fully behind the program. Without alignment, ideas struggle to get implemented as they compete with other priorities. Putting time and effort into getting goals and objectives right will allow Viceroy to frame the questions they ask of their employees more effectively. Better questions get better ideas. The effort that goes into alignment also helps with buy-in.

2. Generating and sustaining awareness and excitement

Many employee idea programs fail because employees don’t know of the program, are sceptical that leaders care, or that ideas will get implemented. Ensuring there’s a comprehensive communication plan in place was a big success factor for Viceroy’s pilot. Building on that, they have further plans to ensure the level of enthusiasm is sustained to continue maturing in and improving the program.

3. Quick wins help build problem-solving muscle

One of the best ways employees learn what makes a good idea is seeing which ideas get implemented. Beyond that, seeing implemented ideas builds confidence in the program and starts to build organizational muscle around the key processes for soliciting ideas, evaluating them and getting them implemented. Viceroy created a fast-track process for easy to implement ideas to demonstrate quick wins, but also to keep the idea to improvement process moving as efficiently as possible

Based on the success of the pilot, Viceroy is now rolling out their Viceroy Solvers program to the rest of the organization. For more details, you can download the full Viceroy case study here.

Harness the power of employee ideas.